We have been on a mission to find the very best slime recipes, goopiest goop recipes, gravity defying oobleck recipes, stretchiest Gak recipes and the most silly of all the silly putty recipes that can be made at home. Kids of all ages can get involved in helping or making these best slime, goop, gak and silly putty recipes!

best slime goop oobleck gak and silly putty recipes - Kids Activities Blog - collage of 9 play recipes with bright colors and children playing
Let’s make the best play recipes around!

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Homemade Play Recipes for Kids

We think when you make homemade play recipes, then you get to start the fun with the making process!

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Let’s make slime!

Best Slime Recipes

1. Homemade Rainbow Glitter Slime Recipe

glitter rainbow slime recipe from Modern Parents Messy Kids shown with 6 colors all each in a baby food jar of the different rainbow colors on a white background
Let’s make rainbow glitter slime!

Glitter is something we often avoid as it can find itself everywhere, but mixing glitter into goo is a great way to contain the sparkle. Love this rainbow slime recipe. via Modern Parents Messy Kids

2. DIY Glitter Slime Recipe

Watch the video above to see one of our favorite slime recipes – glitter slime! Check out the step by step instructions for a variation of this best slime recipe that we can unicorn snot slime which is how to make slime with glitter!

3. Homemade Magnetic Slime Recipe

Magnetic Slime Recipe shown with magnet pulling black slime recipe
Let’s make magnetic slime!

Try making magnetic slime for a scientific magic slime experience! Grab a magnet and pull your slime in different directions.

4. Homemade Fluffy Slime Recipe

Fool-proof fluffy slime recipe. If you have struggled making slime in the past, then this is the recipe for you. It’s easy to make with glue, shaving cream and liquid starch. We have a variation of fluffy slime we call snow slime.

5. DIY Unicorn Slime Recipe

text: unicorn slime - multi-colored pastel unicorn slime shown stretched across a white background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make unicorn slime!

One of our favorite borax-free slime recipes is to make unicorn slime with all sorts of lovely pastel colors.

6. Homemade Galaxy Slime Recipe

galaxy slime recipe from Kids Activities Blog - shown are three colors of galaxy slime with starry glitter in purple, blue and dark red colors
Let’s make homemade galaxy slime!

When it comes to favorite slime recipes, don’t forget this starry and sparkly galaxy slime recipe. The easy recipe for slime will have you and your kids playing for hours.

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Best Goop Recipes for Play

7. Homemade Stringy Slime Goop Recipe

flubber slime baskets from juggling with kids
Oooo…this goop recipe is super fun!

Oh. My! Look what happens when you fill a strainer with goop. This goop slime recipe is extra goopy! via Juggling with kids

8. DIY Glitter Glop Recipe

text: diy glop - child's hand squeezing a glitter gloop recipe on a wooden table
Let’s make glitter gloop…or is it glitter glop?

This gloop is so gloopy we call it glop. Try our DIY glitter glop recipe for crazy squishy sensory fun. It all starts with a very unusual slime ingredient!

9. Homemade Edible Goop Recipe

edible slime gloop recipe from Kids Activities Blog shown on pink background with a jar of red edible slime goop recipe with conversation hearts
Let’s make edible goop!

This edible slime recipe resembles more of a slime goop. We made this one special for Valentines, but it could be made, played with and eaten year round.

10. DIY Goop Sludge Recipe

homemade sludge goop recipe made from toilet paper from Pickle Bums
Let’s make goop out of toilet paper?

You can make goo from toilet paper! This stuff has a fun texture – it’s perfect for digging and clumps together nicely. via Pickle Bums

Best Oobleck Recipes

11. DIY Oobleck Recipe

We love the non-newtonian fluid known as oobleck! Make this easy oobleck recipe and play with all things solid vs. liquid.

12. DIY Seuss Inspired Oobleck Recipe

how to make oobleck from Modern Parents Messy Kids - shown child pulling green oobleck out of a bowl
Let’s make oobleck!

Dr. Seuss is a fun and silly author. This batch of oobleck captures all the goofiness of many of his characters. via Modern Parents Messy Kids

13. Homemade Rainbow Oobleck Recipe

oobleck recipe with rainbow colors from fun with mama - multi colored oobleck recipe shown on white background
Look how pretty this homemade oobleck is when finished!

This colorful oobleck recipe will have you questioning if it is a solid or if it is a liquid…because it is awesome oobleck! via Fun with Mama

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Best Gak Recipes

14. Best 2 Ingredient Homemade Gak Recipe

best gak slime recipe from Kids Activities Blog shown here in green in child's hands on white background
Let’s make gak!

This gak slime is 2 ingredient slime recipe that is super easy to make and really fun to squish and stretch. It is more dense than average homemade slime.

15. DIY Chocolate Gak Recipe

Bigger is better, right? How about bigger, better and smells really, really yummy? This Chocolate Stretchy Goo is fabulous! via Fun at Home

16. Homemade Bumpy Gak Recipe

lumpy gak recipe for kids from Fun at Home with Kids
Let’s make bumpy gak!

This recipe for slime not only is a blast to play with, it is also edible and chemical-free! via Fun at Home with Kids

17. Make DIY Gak Bubbles

If you have ever wondered how to make a bubble with slime, we have the solution with these easy and silly gak bubbles!

Best Silly PUtty Recipes

18. Easy Silly Putty Recipe

If you have ever wondered how to make silly putty, then we have you covered! All the fun!


–>Another traditional kids activity we love: make paper dolls

What best slime recipe are you going to try first?

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