Look at this baby husky! Baby huskies are so sweet and cute and tiny. And this video will melt your heart and make you laugh. You can watch as this baby husky learns how to howl. The baby husky howls for the first time and it’s the cutest little sound ever. The best part is… he sounds like a specific Star Wars character. Check it out!

Husky Puppy- husky baby puppy opening eyes

Baby Husky

Babies of all shapes, sizes and species are adorable, but if you’re a dog lover like me you have a special place in your heart for puppies. Their fuzzy little faces, sleepy eyes. The way everything they do is wholly dog and wholly baby all at the same time. To me, there is nothing cuter.

Baby Husky Trying To Howl

The fact that dogs and wolves are so closely related doesn’t take away from how much I love them, either. I mean, c’mon…look at this wolf pup… Wouldn’t you just want to scratch his little head until he fell asleep drooling on your arm?

Husky Puppy- wolf pup opening eyes

Huskey Puppy Seems To Grow Up Much Quicker Than We Want Them To

One of my favorite things about puppies is how quickly they do the dog things. It seems like almost from the moment they can open their eyes, they start to grow so much quicker than we’d want them to. I mean, they still stay puppies for an awful long time, but knowing how quickly that little puppy face will disappear is still heartbreaking.

Husky Puppy- puppy having tummy scratched by hand

But, even as they grow, some of the things they do are way cuter than others. Like this baby husky howling for the first time. Even as it starts, he doesn’t know quite what he’s doing. But you can still see his little mouth trying to figure it out, even as he gets sleepy and starts to yawn. Way too cute not to share.

Take a look!

Baby Husky Tries to Howl [Video]

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We absolutely love dogs and it shows by how many other husky articles are here at KAB! {giggle}…

What did you think of the video of the husky puppy trying to howl?

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