This adorable puppy coloring page is the perfect afternoon activity for those who love dogs. There are endless possibilities for coloring the fur!  Follow along with the free printable puppy coloring page with the tutorial coloring videos or color at your leisure.

finished puppy coloring page drawing and tutorial from Natalie - a detailed version of the puppy coloring page plus a watercolor version of the puppy coloring page on a background with art supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color the cute puppy!

DOG COLORING PAGES for Kids & Adults

Today we have Natalie back with original dog coloring pages for you to download, print and color. Watch the video below to see how Natalie shades and colors her dog with realistic details that are much easier to do than they appear. Click the green button below to download and print your copy of Natalie’s drawing of a dog in pdf form:

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Coloring a Puppy Video by Natalie

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.

Natalie recommends Prismacolor Colored Pencils and uses them in the video…and every day!

I hope you enjoy!

How to Color a Puppy Instructions – Video Script

Hi guys it’s Natalie, tonight I’m going to start off this week by drawing an adorable puppy. Well, as you can see, I drew it ahead of time. So really, I’m just coloring it. If you guys are curious as to what reference picture I’m using. All I did was I went to Google Images and searched adorable puppy, and I found this image somewhere from that search. So that’s what I’m using as a reference photo. [0:21] And let’s get started.

[0:23]  Let me get out my pencils. As always, I’m using Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore toned paper. This time it’s tone tan. I’ve been using it in the past two weeks or so. I’ve come to really like this paper. I think it’s a little bit better than the tone gray for things that are warmer in tones. Whereas, the tone gray is really good for things that are much cooler. What else do I have here? All right, I did this picture last week. So just so you guys see an example. I think the tone tan goes really well with warmer skin tones just because it has a lot of similar hues in it. I think it’ll turn out really nicely on this puppy as well because the puppy’s a golden retriever puppy. So the golden colors will really stand out.

[1:13]  Now allow me to get out my pencils. [1:24] As always, I’ll be starting with the eyes first, because I really like doing that [1:38] and the pencil sharpener I use is the Prismacolor colored pencil sharpener. This you can buy at craft stores right next to the Prismacolors wherever you’ll find that.At Hobby Lobby, it was about $10 which is kind of expensive for a pencil sharpener, but if you use their 40% off coupon, it’s only $6 and it’s a huge saving. So make sure if you’re going Hobby Lobby you check out that coupon on their website before you go, or you can access it on your phone while you’re at checkout. 

[2:31]  I forgot to pick up a new black pencil this weekend. So I’m still stuck with the short one that I was using last week. Hopefully, I’ll get that replaced soon.

[3:22]  McKayla, the best place to buy new prismacolor pencils in the color black or any color for that matter, is someplace like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s where you can buy the colors individually. Those stores, they sell them for about $2 on average, and you can also use their store coupons, so you can save a little bit of money there when you buy them. I think that buying individual pencils, it’s an excellent way to work with Prismacolors because whenever you buy a large set, there’s a lot of colors that you’ll use very rarely. Whereas some colors you’ll use rather frequently. So it’s good to have that balance and because they sell the individual pencils at the store it’s really easy to replenish them.

[4:14]  Whenever I draw animals like dogs I always end up coloring the eyes in very dark first and I add the highlights on top which really brings it to life. So I apologize now that the dog looks like it has these scary dark [4:29] soul eyes.

[5:01]  Destiny, I think it depends on which paper I like better. And I think that it’s entirely dependent on what the overall temperature of the piece you’re looking for. So say you want a piece that comes off as warmer, I would use the toned tan. If you want something a bit cooler, you would use tone gray just because those are the natural temperatures of the paper.Like for instance, if you’re drawing a polar bear or something, in the piece you’d most likely want it to be very cool because it’s related to ice and snow. So I would use toned gray in that situation. I think it’s great to have both of them just so you can interchangeably use one or the other. But right now I don’t have any more toned gray. I just have the toned tan because I was at the craft store last time and I decided that instead of just buying another pad of toned gray, I was gonna change it up and use toned tan.

[6:08]  Rita no, this is not my dog, although I do want to draw my dog for one of these videos, but I didn’t do it tonight. Maybe some other night I will.

[6:45]  Okay, now to bring the dog to life and make it look like it’s not so soulless. I’m going to use a white Sharpie paint marker, these you can get at any craft store I think and at Walmart as well. They’re pretty easy to find, and they’re rather inexpensive too. What’s cool about them is that they make adding little accent marks of white really easy. All you have to do is shake it up and you instantly get some white ink. That’s actually paint, excuse me. It’s cool if you want to smudge it a bit or make it a little bit more transparent. You smudge it with your fingers ever so slightly [7:29] and it will add another layer of dimension.

[8:22]  Melinda, my favorite thing to draw would be people, whether it be the human face or the human body. I think that it’s something that’s really relatable to draw and it also gives me a [8:33] sense of accomplishment because sometimes it can be really hard to draw. But at the same time, it’s really rewarding once you’re able to draw it. It’s just something that I’ve always loved drawing because the arrangement of all the features and everything is something that’s really fun to draw, and of course, it’s human. It’s something that I really enjoy. So it’s something I’ve always drawn. If you want to see [8:54] some examples of drawings of people I’ve made, you can check out my Instagram which is linked in the video’s description.

[10:56]  Guys don’t forget to check out the links in the video’s description, you’ll find a link to my Instagram account where you can check out some of my other pieces and other things I do. You can check out my Etsy store where you can buy some of my drawings if you’d like. I greatly appreciate all of the purchases that you guys have made there because all the money is going towards my trip to France, this upcoming spring break. I’m going with my school district, every year they sponsor an EF tours trip to various countries. It always includes France though, because it’s sponsored by the French department. 

They basically have it open and anyone that can pay they can go so I’ve been saving up all my money from selling my drawings and stuff to go on this and I’m super excited. So that’s another reason to go check out my Instagram is because you’ll get all the updates from my trip, you’ll see a bunch of cool pictures. I’ll take plenty of pictures, don’t worry. So make sure you guys also go follow my Instagram so you can see those and then the last link that’s listed is a link to Kids Activities blog. Where you can download and print some free coloring pages that I created, there you’ll see a lot more new coloring pages coming out. I’ve made a whole bunch in the past couple of days. So those should be popping up on the website anytime now. I’ll give you guys updates once they’re actually up there because I last time I checked I didn’t see them posted yet. So there’s about six that I made in the last three days. So there’s a lot for you guys to color.

[12:47]Keara, that’s a lot of determination to go to Hobby Lobby, to cross state boundaries for that. Just curious how far away is that from your house?

[13:23]  Cathy, if you check out the video’s description, you’ll see a link to kids activities blog where you can download and print some free coloring pages that I’ve created. All the coloring pages are based off of drawings that I’ve done here on Quirky Momma. So you’ll see a lot of familiar drawings there and as I make new drawings here I’ll slowly turn them into coloring pages where you guys can download and print those. How I do it is I basically trace the drawing that I colored live. So for instance, once I’ve finished this puppy, I’ll tear him out and I’ll use my window as a light box so the light transfers through and I’ll trace it onto a blank sheet of paper. Then I use ink pens like Micron’s right here to outline everything and I’ll add in some details depending on what it is. 

I scan it then upload it to kids activities blog for you guys to download and print. All the pages that include the download links, I have a video embedded from Facebook Live so you guys can rewatch some of the older videos I have, in case you guys wanted to color along. That’s cool if you want to do that. I have them embedded [14:29] for you so make sure you go check that out.

[15:49]  I’m always shuffling through my pencils and stuff, I’m trying to find specific materials but sometimes I have to dig for it. So if you hear random noises that’s what it is.

[16:00]  As always remember, whenever you’re planning on using light colors to color something, and you have a sketch background in graphite, always make sure that you erase that graphite before you put down the color. Because if you color on top of graphite with a lightly colored Prismacolor pencil, you’ll trap the graphite underneath. So if you don’t want that, make sure you erase the graphite. It’s imperative that you do so because if you’re planning on having the slightly colored face of a dog, and you have these graphite marks underneath and you color over them, those graphite marks will remain there forever. So there’s no going back after that. Remember, make sure you erase, sometimes I forget to do it. So just letting you guys know. [16:47] I need to replace the eraser on this.

[18:49]  Usually whenever I color things, I color it piece by piece very rarely do I apply an entire layer of one color and then add detail on top of it. But for this particular dog picture, since I don’t quite have the right pencils to match the color exactly, I decided that I’m going to color the entire thing with this cream color.

Which is a white and yellow mixture and we’re gonna color the face with that before I add other colors on top of it because it will make it much easier to blend colors later on since I’m going to have to do a little bit of that to get the ideal golden fur color.

[20:22]  I’m using the mechanical sharpener pencil erasers right now because unfortunately I misplaced my nice eraser that I was using, I forgot the name. I don’t know how to pronounce it, it’s either klum or kloom, I got it at the Hobby Lobby and it’s worked pretty well but it’s unfortunate that I’ve misplaced it. That happens ever so often. So hopefully I find it soon because it’s a lot easier to erase with large erasers than mechanical pencils. I would give you more advice on erasers if I had it with me just to show it to you but it’s important to use an eraser that really works for you. Don’t just experiment with any eraser make sure you find an eraser that you like because some erasers are kind of gross and they do a better job at blending than erasing I would say.

[21:11]  Sometimes I’ll buy mechanical pencils that look really cute at the target dollar section but I’ll try to use an eraser on the back of it and it smears everything together. [21:21] So those are terrible ideas. Another kind of eraser that you’ll see often is the gum eraser, spelt GUM, so if you’re trying to erase graphite [21:32] this doesn’t do a very good job it smears it more than it erases it. 

[21:34]So just be aware of that. I do know that it makes a great blender for Prismacolors so if you are looking for an effective blender for your pencils, I would get this eraser it [21:47] does lighten the color though because it is an eraser but it does do a good job at blending colors together.

[22:46]  Noel, most of the time whenever I draw animals I do look at pictures because I don’t have photographic memory with animals. I do have to look at a picture to get the colors and the shading right. So most of the time for animals, I just do quick search on google images to find something. Most of my pictures come up in like the first five results.

[23:05]  This one I don’t remember. I looked for it earlier today, so all I know is I used the search term ‘adorable puppy’ and it came up so you can try your best to [23:15] find it if you’re really interested in that.

[24:37]  Most of you guys should be aware of the Hobby Lobby and Michael’s coupons by now. On the websites of those craft stores you’ll find a 40% off coupon that is applicable to any item in the store that’s a regular price. So they’ll save you a lot of money, make sure you guys look for it. But also another thing that’s a little bit lesser known, although I’m pretty sure a lot of you do already. At Michael’s, if you have one near you, make sure you sign up for their rewards program because they’ll send you emails that include coupons that are up to 60% off any regular priced item. Most of the time, those coupons they only last for the day that they’re

[25:13] sent. So it’s important that you have a Michael’s close by so you can get there once they send you that. Usually, what I do sometimes is I have an idea of what art supplies I need to buy, kind of a list that I have and then once I end up getting one of those emails, I go on over to Michael’s and I buy what I need for 60% off. So it’s a good thing to know that exists. They send them out pretty frequently, I’d say I think at least once a month they send one so it’s something to be on the lookout for. It’s really helpful if you’re planning on buying something like a large set of paints or Prismacolors for example, it’s better than just settling for the 40% off.

[26:20]  Stacy, the Quirky Momma Facebook page updates with lots of posts every hour. So make sure that if you want to come and rewatch these videos, it’s easiest to find [26:30] these videos the next day by clicking on the videos tab on the Quirky Momma Facebook page and clicking on all videos. Then just scrolling down since compared to the number of posts and videos, there’s a lot less video, so it should be really easy to find a video from the previous night by just scrolling through the all videos page.

[28:36]  One tip whenever you’re coloring things that are pink or red in hue and you’re trying to shade it. Don’t always go for the darker version of the base color for the piece that you’re drawing. Because if you do that most of the time, you’ll just over saturate something. [28:53] I don’t know if I have a good example for this piece, actually, I do. So here I colored the tongue with this color, if I wanted to go darker, I wouldn’t just go down to this magenta color and then darker, darker, darker and maintaining the hue because whenever that happens, you’ll just oversaturate something. So it’s important to balance it out with more earthy tones or subtle colors like browns,

[29:20]  Whenever you’re coloring something that’s warm, so that includes yellows, oranges, reds and pinks, it’s important to use things like brown. Brown does a great job at shading something without over saturating it. So as you can see, right now I’m coloring parts of the tongue that I want shaded with a brown color, rather than a darker pink.Although I will be using a little bit of it, it is important to use a little bit of a darker pink but don’t use too much of it because like I said, you can over saturate [29:50] something. By using browns, you can lightly shade it without making it too intense.

[32:44]  Typically, whenever I make these live videos my phone notifications don’t buzz at all. Even though I don’t usually put my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ whenever I make these videos but it wouldn’t buzz or anything. But now it looks like it is so if you guys are hearing that buzz and you see the camera move a little don’t worry that was just my phone going off. I am recording with my phone after all so let me switch that to where it shouldn’t buzz anymore because it does shift the camera [33:18] and that shouldn’t have happened.

[36:42]  I am using Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore toned tan paper. [36:48] Angie, this will be up on Etsy once I finish it, I definitely don’t have enough time to finish it tonight. So I will definitely finish it tomorrow. So make sure you guys tune in tomorrow night at 9:30pm Central Time to watch that video where I complete it and shortly after that video I will definitely put it up on Etsy.

[39:37]  This is the front cover of the tone tan sketchpad from Hobby Lobby. It’s by Strathmore, so in case you guys are wanting to purchase this at the store, this is what you look for. The tone gray is very similar, except the drawing right here is different. It’s of a woman and it has a sample on toned gray paper, as it should. So this paper is only $11.99 at Hobby Lobby but you can also use that coupon, remember, and you’ll get some good savings on that.

[Video break]

It’s Natalie and tonight I’m going to finish last night’s drawing which was an adorable puppy. As you guys know last night I couldn’t finish it so tonight I am finishing it. Hopefully I’ll be able to, I think I will because I have most of the details figured out. But as always, I’m using Prismacolor colored pencils on the Strathmore toned paper. I’m using tone tan for this particular video and in addition, I also use the Prismacolor pencil sharpener to sharpen my pencils because it works pretty well. You can get all of these supplies at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. [0:35] If you don’t have craft stores like that in your area, you can always check out Amazon where you’ll be able to find plenty of art supplies like these. So let’s begin, let me get out some of my colors. That’s one thing I do.

[1:14]  All right, we’re ready.

[1:26]  Although I do kind of forget which yellow I was using. [1:31] I may have to experiment.

[2:13]  If the video’s blurry for you try exiting the video and re-entering hopefully that clears up the problem. I’m currently not getting any messages saying that I have a poor connection. So it will probably be on your end at this time. But if I do get a message saying I have a poor connection, I’ll let you guys know just so if you’re having trouble connecting, it will be on my end, not yours. But sometimes, like there are weird glitches and stuff where the video just simply doesn’t load properly and by refreshing it, you can sometimes fix a lot of those problems.

[3:37]  Unfortunately if your video is blurry, there’s nothing I can do right now to fix it so hopefully…

[3:57]  So right now, I’m just going to use a little bit of the colorless blender because I noticed in some spaces, the pencil looks really sketchy in the wrong direction. Like for instance, I see these lines headed in this direction which is against the gradient of the fur. I just kind of wanted to fix that. So the colorless blender is nice because you can kind of move around the pigments and blend out to where the streakiness will go away. But sometimes you do want some degree of streakiness, especially if you’re coloring things like fur, because it does have some texture. However, you have to be careful as to what direction the streaks are going in. Because if it’s first going vertical you don’t want any horizontal lines.

[9:52]  Unfortunately, a lot of you guys are having problems with the video being blurry. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it. So maybe if you try coming back later, it may go away. [10:03] I really don’t know what the cause of it could be. So that’s kind of puzzling.

[14:43]  For those of you who are just entering the video I’m using Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore toned tan paper. [14:56] For those of you who are waiting for your videos who become unblurry since a lot of you are having that problem it appears and really sorry about that. You can check out the video’s description where you’ll find a bunch of links, you’ll find one to my Instagram where you can look at some of my Instagram pictures, which includes drawings and other things I do. And you can go to my Etsy store and look at some of my drawings there or purchase them if you’d like. Then finally, you can go to Kids Activities blog where you can download and print some free coloring pages I created. Again, all those coloring pages are free, and they’re all based off of old livestream videos that I’ve done. So you can go print those, and if you can get the videos to load I embedded videos inside all of the posts. So you can color along if you’d like and there’s lots more to come out as well. I have many pages lined up right now. So once they’re all released, I’ll definitely tell you guys about those because I have a bunch.

[20:32]  Andrea, my blending recommendations vary depending on what it is you’re trying to color. In general, I typically prefer to use the pencils themselves to blend the colors together. So for instance, I’ll start coloring with one color and then I’ll start to add a darker or lighter color. Then I’ll come back in with the original color and use either horizontal or vertical or circular motions to blend everything together. That way usually works for most things. However, some things are a little bit more difficult to blend. Most of the time I come across that problem with darker colors, like if I’m using dark browns and blacks and grey, not so much greys for some reason, I think that the grey colored pencils are really easy to blend. I feel the pencils themselves are a little bit more waxy and they blend easier with each other. But as for the browns sometimes I have a little bit of difficulty blending those especially with skin tones, I have trouble getting the colors to be super smooth. [21:31] So in that case, I like to use things like this gum eraser.

[21:34]  It does lighten the color a little bit though because it is an eraser, but this does a good job at pushing all the colors together. Sometimes I also use the colorless blender, I don’t use it too often. But there are a couple of cases where I use it. I’m not entirely familiar with it yet. So there’s some times where if I encounter a blending problem, I may try to use this to solve my way through it. So really, it’s best just to know a bunch of different blending techniques and as you’re going and just depending on how you feel the color is. Sometimes, whenever I say feel the color, I mean literally kind of feel the texture just with your pencil if you’re going over it and it feels kind of rough and it’s not very smooth and waxy. Sometimes you may need something like the colorless blender or the gum eraser to come in and help blend everything else. So I think a lot of it lies in problem solving. So it’s best to have many options for blending, not just one.

[24:02]Missy, the colors that I was using for the Golden Retriever it’s, I use chocolate, I use light umber [24:12] goldenrod, cream and white. I tried little patches of these two colors but I’m not using them so I use those and I also use dark brown. So those are the colors I used for the dog.

[24:30]  For this I used a couple colors like spring green, olive green and there’s one more, [24:39] true green. So those are the colors I used for the whole dog tag in case you guys are curious.

[26:55]  As you see I’m slowly erasing with a mechanical pencil, it’s day two and I still haven’t found my nice eraser. So hopefully that shows up soon, otherwise, I’ll just have to go get a new one. But typically, I don’t recommend using an eraser like this because I mean it’s really small and inefficient.

[27:29]  I don’t know if you guys are seeing this right now, but I’m actually having some trouble with this eraser. As I’m erasing it’s leaving behind this gunk and the problem with that is whenever I go over it with a lighter color, that gunk gets spread around on the paper by the Prismacolor. It’s really hard to get out these streaky marks right here. They happened yesterday, there’s this little black mark on the dog’s forehead. That was a result of these weird gunk marks. I feel like mechanical pencil erasers they’re prone to develop that just because they’re really cheap.The mechanical pencils I have, you buy like 24 of them in a package for like $4. So, the pencils aren’t that high quality although they are good for sketching. I enjoy using them for just about everything because the pencil part themselves work really well. The eraser gets the job done if you’re writing or you’re doing math or something, you just need to erase something quickly. But as we’re drawing and coloring, I really don’t recommend the eraser.

[29:07]  Lydia, my hand really only gets sore whenever I’m using the shorter pencils and having to color large areas with a solid color. So if there was a large box somewhere or say if I’m drawing a portrait, and the person was wearing a black t-shirt and I tried coloring all that space with a small pencil like this. My hand really does hurt afterwards but never when I use standard size pencils and I’m just coloring normally I guess. It doesn’t really hurt my hands whatsoever.

[31:46]  Andrea, the colors I typically buy refills for or just additional pencils simply. In addition to black and white, I buy a lot of the variations of the cool grays and the warm grays. So that includes the 30% and 50% and I also go through a lot of the dark [32:04] brown pencils.

[32:06]  Chocolate is one that I recently started using but I’m using it up rather quickly. So [32:11] I think chocolate’s a really good color. Light umber is a good one and dark umber. Those are also good colors to have. Because they’re browns and they can be used to shade warm colored things, whether it be yellow, orange, or red and it also depends on what you want to draw. If you’re drawing human faces there are certain colors that are better with human faces and you’ll probably want to stock up on those if you draw a lot of that. But again, really it just depends on what you’re trying to draw but usually the browns, the grays and black and white are my go to pencils.

More Free Printable Coloring Pages to Download & Print

How did your puppy coloring page turn out? What did you learn from Natalie? Tell us in the comments below!

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