27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher’s Appreciation Week

Are you ready to make something amazing? Check out these 27 DIY Teacher Gifts That Will Be Loved! Gifts made by my students were always my favorite when I was a teacher!

 27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher's Appreciation Week

27  DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher’s Appreciation Week

If you are looking for fun, creative, simple gift ideas, you have come to the right place! These gifts are quick and fun to make, and they are all easy for you to make with your child. Some of these DIY gifts are easy enough for your child to craft all by themselves.

DIY Teacher Gifts for the Classroom:

  1. DIY Soap for you teacher’s classroom sink, is the gift that keeps on giving! Fill it with things that your teacher loves.
  2. Your Modern Family‘s DIY Flower Pen is adorable and practical.  (This would be great to give to the school secretary, too!)
  3. How cute is Meaningful Mama‘s Decorative Tin Can filled with school supplies?
  4. I’m loving this idea from The Realistic MamaMason Jar Filled With Sharpies. This includes a great little printable for your child’s teacher!
  5. Your Modern Family‘s Invention Box for the classroom is the perfect gift! I always had an invention center in my classroom.
    27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher's Appreciation Week
  6. This DIY Craft Organizer, from Your Modern Family, is the cutest storage solution for the classroom art supplies.
  7. Meaningful Mama‘s Plastic Perler Bead Bowl is such a classic! Colorful, fun, and great for a classroom!
  8. Your Modern Family shows how easy it is to make a Chalkboard Message Center from a picture frame.
  9. A Chalkboard Picture Frame is such a thoughtful gift, especially if you include a class picture!
    27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher's Appreciation Week

More DIY Gifts for the Classroom

  1. This DIY Paper Wreath from Your Modern Family is a fun little project that will brighten the classroom door!
  2. Fill this Painted Bowl with treats or unopened school supplies (markers, pencils, etc.).
  3. Your Modern Family‘s DIY Wooden Birthday Sign would be the most adorable gift to give your child’s teacher! When I was a teacher, I used to do this with the student’s birthdays. At the start of  the next year, your child’s teacher can paint over it, and add in her new student’s birthdays.
  4. DIY Coasters are adorable, and you can personalize them as much as you want!
  5. Do you want to really out-do yourself for a Preschool teacher’s gift? Make a Homemade Sand and Water Table for them to use in their classroom, with this tutorial from Your Modern Family! Throw in a few bags of spiral noodles and rice, for even more fun!

27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher's Appreciation Week

DIY Teacher Gifts to Wear:

  1. A  T-Shirt Design Kit  is a fun idea!
  2. Your Modern Family‘s DIY Fingerprint Tie is a fun, personalized gift that a teacher would love.
  3.  Canvas tote bags  are a special keepsake that is practical and cute all at the same time!
    27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher's Appreciation Week

 Yummy Snacks for Teachers 

  1. Most teachers have to eat at the school, so this Potato Soup in a Jar from Your Modern Family gives them a meal  that is ready to go, and nutritious!
  2. Meaningful Mama‘s Thanks a Latte Gift is cute, simple, and easy to make.
  3. Homemade lollipops are the perfect little mid-day treat!
  4. These Salsa Mason Jar Gifts, from Meaningful Mama, are the perfect way to spice up the classroom.
    27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher's Appreciation Week

DIY Gifts Your Teacher Can Take Home

  1. Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift of Homemade Sugar Scrub?
  2. A pretty homemade ornament, like this DIY Noodle Ornament from Your Modern Family, is always a welcomed gift!
  3. This DIY Apple Bookmark is a great reminder of your child while his/her teacher is enjoying a great book at home.
  4. Your Modern Family‘s DIY Ornament Wreath makes one beautiful DIY gift!
  5. A Sugar String Snowman would be adorable, and it would be really fun to make! Paint it red & make it an apple if it isn’t wintertime!
  6. Help your child personalize Homemade Art Magnets for his/her teacher. 
    27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher's Appreciation Week

Thoughtful Teacher Gifts Mean the Most!

Remember, even a simple note or picture that your child makes will touch their teacher’s heart. My favorite gift, in all of my years of teaching, was an ornament that one of my students found on the side of the road. She crossed off the name that was written on this clay snowman ornament, wrote her name on it instead, and colored it pink because it is my favorite color. I keep that ornament out all year round, to remind me of that sweet girl, and to remind my own children that the best gifts come from the heart.  

Thanks for sharing these DIY teacher gifts with your child’s teachers! They appreciate it more than you know!

27 DIY Teacher Gift Ideas for Teacher's Appreciation Week

More Fun DIY Gift Ideas 

There is just something so special about making DIY gifts with kids! Children have a natural desire to give to others and put a smile on someone’s face, and it’s a fun bonding activity to share. Here are some other wonderful DIY gift ideas to try, that work for any holiday: 

Are you a teacher? What has been your favorite gift that you have received from your students over the years? Or, if you are crafting for a teacher, what has been your favorite DIY gift to make? Comment below! 

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