If you love dogs or coloring, then these free corgi coloring pages are right for you! These adorable pets were made just for you to download and print. If you prefer cats over dogs (or you like both), please check out these cat coloring pages as well.

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.


Coloring Pages for Kids- Corgi

Click here to download and print these free coloring pages:

If you would like to see a corgi coloring walk through, then please watch the video below from Facebook Live. In this video, I use Prismacolor Colored Pencils to bring the corgi to live with color:

These coloring pages were made by me. To see more of my artwork, check out my Instagram. You can also watch Facebook Live videos of my drawing and coloring during weekdays on Quirky Momma.

I hope you enjoy coloring these Corgis!

How to Color a Corgi Instructions

Hi guys, it’s Natalie. This morning I’m going to be coloring this picture of a corgi using Prismacolor colored pencils. If you look for them in the store, they come in a container like this. This is a 48 count. However, you can buy them individually or in smaller and larger packages at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Amazon. So let’s begin.

With this corgi, I’m going to begin by coloring the eyes. And to do so I’m first going to lay down a solid black color, and then I’ll come in with some white acrylic paint to add the reflections. [1:42] To tailor the color eyes that I’m doing right now, it will be a very dark brown, however I’m putting down the black first because it’s a very dark brown. After I put down the black, I’ll add a little bit of brown and then I’ll be using white acrylic paint for the reflections. This little black pencil is becoming so short it’s really difficult to use.

[2:51] I’m adding just a little bit of brown. It may be difficult to see but it’s just to add a little splash of color into the eyes. [3:13] The fur will be just a simple white and a slightly golden color. Just a typical corgi fur coat. So I’m now going to be coloring the reflections in the eye and to do this we’ll be using acrylic paint. This is just white craft acrylic paint, you can buy acrylic paint anywhere. It doesn’t have to be this brand, this is just what I found.

[4:32] To Irene, yes. I drew him right before this video. [4:39] I drew a corgi today because in my cat video that I made a little while back. I got a lot of comments saying that people wanted dogs, so I thought I would draw a corgi. Corgis are super cute. I wish I had one. Here’s a fun fact, The Queen of England, she’s owned more than 30 corgis during her reign but not all at once. I wish I could have one.

[5:19] What I’m doing right now is I’m touching up the outsides of the white spots to make it blend just slightly because I didn’t want it to be a solid white circle. I wanted there to be some kind of attachment to what’s behind the white. [6:20] I’m also going to be adding a slight little line of white at the corner of the eye just to make it look more realistic.

[6:57] Shout out to Emily. Hi Emily. I’m glad that you enjoy these.

[7:23] After coloring in the eyes, I’m going to color the nose right now, because it’s a similar coloring process. I color black and then add some reflections to it. [8:29] I’m using a little touch of gray right here to help shade part of the nose. [8:58] Now for a touch of white.

[9:25] Amanda asks, “Have you ever thought of drawing using a tablet on a computer?” I’ve thought about it before, definitely, but I’ve just never purchased one of those before, because they are very expensive but at the same time, art supplies are expensive too. But the thing that’s really holding me back from doing that is the fact that I don’t have a computer that’s strong enough to run programs such as Photoshop to draw on. So, just buying a tablet and using MS Paint isn’t really worth it, in my opinion. So I just never purchased one.

I’m now going to begin coloring the white fur on the corgi, which will surround its nose. I just have to clean up the lines a bit. [10:44] Using white colored pencils is my favorite part of the tone gray paper because you can really make the color pop. And it goes with all the colors not just white, but it’s really neat how you can color one part of the page white, whereas this background is a grayish color. It’s just really nice because the gray is a natural gray. So it goes really well with almost any picture.

[11:34] Coleen, I cannot draw using my left hand. I’ve tried that before. I think I can color large areas with my left hand, but I can’t do anything skilled with my left hand. It’s not that controlled. However, drawing skill, it’s definitely in the brain and not in the hand. So I can attempt to draw but my hand wouldn’t be steady enough to draw anything good. But if I practice a lot with it, I could definitely draw something but I haven’t done that. And I don’t think I will. Unless I lost my right hand, then I’d kind of have to.

[13:01] These pencils are Prismacolor colored pencils, they’re super nice. You can find them at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and you can find them on Amazon as well. [13:47] I’m using some gray around the nose to help shade in the white fur [13:53], I’m just using a little bit of it. [14:00] I’ll be using just a slight touch of black as well.

[15:07] After that I’ll begin shading the fur everywhere else with just a light golden brown color. [15:16] Excuse me for just one second. My dog is trying to go outside.

[15:46] Start with this light brown color [15:50] and begin drawing the fur. First of all, I need to erase some of the pencil lines.

[16:36] Elisa asks, “Ever thought of putting your art on walls graffiti style?” I thought about it before, not necessarily graffiti style because I’ve never really done Word Art or anything like that. But I know that graffiti is more than that, you can do pictures. This summer I will be starting a painting in my school with a couple of my friends for art club. It’ll just be inside the school building though, it should be a lot of fun. I really haven’t done any painting like that on a large scale before. So it’ll be something new. But I’ll probably just be using acrylic paints because that’s what the school has. It’s really cheap. And if it’s just inside of school on the walls, I won’t have to worry about weathering as much. So I mean, there’ll be kids in the hallway that drag their hand across it, which is annoying. I’ve seen that happen before but it’ll be fine.

[19:10] Now, I’m using a Tuscan red color to add some more variety to the fur color and shade around the darker areas.

[20:23] Jennifer, I use the tone paper for these videos because I think that the paper works really well with colored pencils. It gives it a natural background. It’s not just a plain white but the gray is rather soothing and it goes well with almost everything. So that’s why I use it.

[22:36] Before we go any further on the fur, I’m going to draw the outline of the mouth right now. So I have a boundary on where to color and where not to color. [22:50] This is a smiling corgi so I draw the lips right up here. [24:42] Adding white in the places where the fur color is slightly lighter, I don’t really have another colored pencil color to make it lighter than the color that I’m using. So I’m just using white.

[30:14] I’ll be right back. My dog just came inside.

[32:09] If I didn’t get to your guys question, please ask it again because I can only see about four or maybe five comments on the screen at a time and depending on the speed that you guys ask them, they get pushed up and I’m not able to read all of them.

[32:46] Kara, I am 16 years old.

[33:21] I don’t know if I mentioned this in this video yet, but I have an Instagram account that you guys can see if you want to see my other works. The link to that is in the description of this video. And if you guys want a commission done or you want to buy some of my artwork, please send me a direct message on Instagram and I will get back to you.

[35:11] Sharon, I’m using Prismacolor colored pencils. You can buy them at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, but you can also find them on Amazon.

[35:44] Oh Patricia, yes, I do personal work. If you send me a direct message on Instagram, if you’re interested, I will get back with you. Or if you do not have Instagram, you can send a message to the Quirky Momma page and they will word it to me.

[36:55] Victoria, I have never drawn a horse before. Maybe I have sketched one in the past, but I’ve never done a large drawing on a horse.

[38:48] Oh Ashley, I draw more than just animals. My favorite thing to draw is people. You can see some examples of my work, drawing people on my Instagram account. The link to that is in the description of the video and in the comments.

[39:05] Jennifer, I’ve been drawing since middle school.

[39:23] Okay, Kara, you ask, “Do you have any tips/advice to give people when they draw animals?” Since it’s really hard to sum up tips on drawing animals into one, like condensing because animals are so diverse. I would say, most animals that people draw, they have eyes that are very significant and noticeable like dogs or cats or things like that. Do focus a lot on the eyes because the eyes can really make or break an animal. Don’t just limit yourself to one type of material like color pencils. Paint for example, always use more if you need it. Like for example, I’m using colored pencils right now, but I’m also using paint for reflections like the white spots in the eyes. That’s all from paint.

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