Have you ever had a dream so vivid, you wake up and you still think you are dreaming? It is usually something horrible, a nightmare you just can’t shake. But it can just as often happen that you dream of food – your favorite meal, for example – and you wake up with a craving so strong, it makes you want to cry, because it is two in the morning and you really want that Pizza Hut. Animals have dreams too, you know. They can probably dream about anything from their favorite snack or toy, to chasing or being chased by a vicious foe. There are videos of dogs whining or “talking” in their sleep, some are even seen running and eventually slamming into a nearby wall. Apparently, this puppy was dreaming about his favorite food, because the moment she hears the rustling of the kibble in her bowl, she jumps out of her slumber and goes running into the jar. Not the bowl, mind you, but into the jar that holds the kibble! Poor puppy must have been really hungry in her dreams. Take a look!

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