Puppies do not understand size limitations. They do not understand when something is too young to play with them. Specifically this puppy does not understand that at four days old this goat barely knows how to goat, much less how to play with a super active, super happy puppy. That doesn’t stop the puppy from trying to get the goat to play with him, though. At first it seems the pup doesn’t know what’s going on. The goat is hanging out, sniffing around, trying to figure things out and then…then the puppy seems to figure out this is a thing that can play. Or, at very least, maybe someday play. Take a look!

What happens next is stinkin’ adorable! The puppy zoomies all around the penned-off area, trying to entice the goat to play. He runs into the fence, slides across the puppy beds, even accidentally jumps on the baby goat at one point, and all the while seems to be saying, “C’mon! Let’s play!” I think this baby might be too little now, pup, but I’m guessing someday soon you two will be best friends.

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