Make an Easter Egg {Fun Easter Craft for Preschool}

Young children will love to make an Easter egg with this fun idea.  This simple Easter craft for preschool or toddler ages finds a fun new use for all those plastic Easter eggs you may have lying around the house.  We love to find new ways to reuse old items at Kids Activities Blog.

Make an Easter egg {Easter craft for preschool}

Make an Easter Egg

Supplies Needed:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • paint
  • plastic Easter eggs
  • lid or bowl to hold paint

Cut out a large egg shape from your paper. You could also draw an egg shape and have your child cut it out.

Next, have your child paint with the Easter eggs. Separate the Easter egg into two halves. Dip the Easter egg half into paint. {It works well to spread the paint out in a thin layer on a lid or bowl larger than the Easter egg.

Fun Easter craft for preschoolers - Make an Easter egg craft

Easter Craft for Preschool

Stamp a circle onto the egg-shaped paper.  Continue stamping until you need more paint. Dip the Easter egg half in paint again. Change colors or keep the same color. Experiment with stamping and making circles.

Other Ways to Use the Plastic Easter Eggs

Try painting with the entire Easter egg {Don’t separate it}. Roll the Easter egg around in the paint and then roll it around the paper. This version is a lot messier but just as fun.

Use the Easter egg halves as a stencil for tracing circles. The Easter egg is a little easier for preschoolers to hold onto. You may have to help them hold the egg half down at first. As they get used to tracing, you should be able to touch the egg less and less.

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What a fun way to make an Easter egg while finding creative uses for all those plastic eggs you have leftover from last Easter!  What is your favorite Easter craft for preschool?  For more bunny and egg kids activities, hop over to these posts and enjoy!

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