12 Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

I have officially lost count of how many Easter egg hunts we’ve had. My kids adore their plastic Easter Eggs.

They love putting their toys and candy in them. They love snapping the two halves together. They love hunting them down, both indoors and out. But I know there’s going to be a time (soon) when they’ll get tired of using them in the same old ways.

plastic eggs

Plastic Eggs

So what will you do with all those plastic eggs? Do you ever wonder what to make with plastic Easter eggs? Sure, you could store them away until next year. Or, you can try one of these fun ideas!

Easter Egg Educational Activities

Letter Matching Game

Practice letter matching with this letter matching game. Using a Sharpie marker, write an uppercase letter on one egg half. Write a lowercase letter on the other half. Challenge your kiddo to match them! 

How Do You Spell Activities

Teach your kids how to spell (and rhyme) with these how do you spell activities. For this activity, they’ll match beginning sounds with ending sounds to make words.

The Missing Game

Practice counting with this fun “The Missing Game”. The only supplies you need are eggs, a Sharpie, and paper. (From Mom Explores)

Letter easter egg game

Math Eggs

Make math problems with these math eggs. Using a Sharpie, write the problem/equation on one side. On the other, put the answer, and challenge your kids to match them correctly. (From Playdough to Plato)

Egg Rocket

Build an egg rocket using water, Alka seltzer tablets, plastic Easter eggs, and empty toilet paper rolls. Kids can also decorate the “rocket” before shooting them off, with adult supervision of course! (From Team Cartwright

Egg Challenge

Challenge your kids to a tower-building  egg challenge! Once they’ve mastered building with the eggs, encourage them to try building using a color pattern. You can also have them make different sizes like big towers and tiny tower Easter eggs. (From The Resourceful Mama)

Plastic easter egg and sharpie

Music Shakers

Turn plastic Easter eggs into music shakers by filling them with things that can make noise (like beans, rice, or popcorn kernels). Seal the eggs with heavy-duty tape. (From A Mom’s Take)

Making Birdseed Eggs

Make birdseed eggs to leave around your backyard. Here’s how.

Plastic eggs that have been turned into caterpillars with faces and antennas.
Source: Erin Hill


To make a caterpillar, your kids will have to stack plastic Easter eggs rather than snap them together. Other materials you’ll need include pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and sharpie marker. (From Erin Hill)

Superhero Eggs

Create little egg superheroes using felt, googly eyes, stickers, and sharpies. Since this requires a hot-glue gun, be sure to help your little ones. (From Glued to my Crafts Blog). This method can also be used to make egg monsters too! 

Plastic Easter Egg Wreath

Make an Easter egg wreath. This plastic Easter egg wreath will be perfect to decorate for Easter next year! (From KC Edventures)

Plastic Egg Crafs

Turn plastic Easter eggs into mini-potted plants. This is one of my favorite plastic egg crafts. It’s a great way to reuse plastic eggs, but also bring more green into this world. (From The Crazy Craft Lady)

Which fun Easter egg project or learning activity will you start with? 

Looking For More Ways To Reuse Items In Your Home?

Plastic eggs aren't the only thing you can reuse, you can reuse plastic bottles too

Don’t throw out your used water bottles or straws just yet! These can be turned into this awesome DIY humming bird feeder.

Make your own kids frisbee using construction paper, a plastic lid, scissors, glue, and stickers!

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