This simple egg words reading activity for young readers and pre-readers is a really fun way to practice simple rhyming words. Kids love hands-on activities and they also love Easter eggs. Combine the two with this super creative activity that will get your kiddos spelling and rhyming.

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DIY Learn to Spell Activity Using Plastic Easter Eggs

When we first saw this super smart use of left-over plastic Easter eggs from Raising Dragons, it reminded me of something we did almost 8 years ago here at Kids Activities Blog which was a reading words flip chart.

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Bonus: they’ll practice their fine motor skills too!

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Supplies Needed to Make a Learn to Spell Egg

Yep, those are the only things you will need…easy!

Set up is really easy and can be customized for the grade level of your child.

Supplies needed - what you will need to make the learn to spell eggs - plastic Easter eggs and a sharpie marker
Super simple supplies needed for this learning activity!

Possible Word Families for Your Learn to Spell Eggs

Step 1

First decide what you want your beginning letters to be.

For example, you could pick: b, c, h, f, m, p, and s.

Step 2

The beginning letters will go on the top half of the egg next to the ‘crack.’

Step 3

Then decide which common endings to use such as at, an, it, and ug.

Step 4

You’ll write these end sounds on the bottom half of the egg.

Time for Rhyming Word Practice!

When your child connects and twists the plastic Easter egg, they can practice making words.

Encourage them to sound out the letters as they twist the egg. The cool thing is that they won’t make a word every time and they will need to be able to identify the “fake” words!

More Word Options for Your Egg Words

Based on the letters/sounds we chose as examples above, some words they can form include:

  • bat, cat, hat, fat, mat, pat, sat
  • ban, can, fan, man, pan
  • bit, hit, fit, pit, sit
  • bug, hug, mug, pug
learn to spell egg with the word bat spelled out but twisting the plastic Easter egg could also spell the word cat
We could spell bat. We could spell cat. What else could we spell…?

With just a handful of letters, your kids will discover just how many words they can create.

It’s also a great way to talk to your kids about which words rhyme.

Other Easter Egg Word Activities

For older students, you can also use Easter eggs to teach things like synonyms and antonyms.

For example, on one egg half write ‘hot’ and the other half write ‘cold.’

Once you’re done writing on the eggs, mix them all up and challenge your kiddos to match them up.

It’s a win-win as a game and learning experience in one. 

Other Spelling Activities

If you want more fun activities to teach your kiddos spelling while you’re stuck at home, check out these resources:

We have used left-over plastic Easter eggs for all sorts of fun like plastic egg crafts, letter matching activities and to mail Easter eggs to friends and family.

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Did your child have fun reading and practicing with egg words?

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