These Easter egg decorating ideas require NO dye…at least not traditional Easter egg dye! These are all creatives ways for kids of all ages to decorate Easter eggs without mixing tablets in vinegar. There is a fun egg decorating idea that uses stuff you already have at home below!

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Let’s get decorating eggs!

Decorating Easter Eggs with Kids

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the smell of vinegar! Coloring eggs by dipping can be difficult when you have small kids who don’t have the best fine motor skills or grace.

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1. Decorate Easter Eggs With Tattoos

Decorate Easter eggs with temporary tattoos like these Avengers Easter eggs with the hulk "hulking" over them.
Decorate Easter eggs with temporary tattoos!

Find temporary tattoos of your kids favorite characters and place them on blow out eggs! I love this idea, and it’s a great use for temporary tattoos. Plus, it is fairly mess free, and an easy for little hands to decorate Easter eggs.

2. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

This idea from Clumsy Crafter is a way to get those eggs colored fast and creatively. This is one of my favorite Easter egg ideas, because my family always have old crayons and pieces of crayons laying around.

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3. Decorating Easter Eggs With Crayons

Keep it simple by simply handing them crayons and let them draw and scribble however they’d like from Mama Smiles. Because toddlers aren’t the most graceful and tend to be a little mess prone, this is one of the better Easter egg ideas for them.

4. Marbled Easter Eggs

These marbled Easter eggs are so pretty and so full of color. This Easter egg idea came from Where Imagination Grows. This Easter egg idea creates a cool marble effect on plastic eggs.

5. Coloring Eggs With Crayons

Coloring eggs with crayons is fairly simple, but will require adult super vision. Crayon painted eggs from Fun Littles creates a really cool textured effect on eggs.

6. Coloring Eggs With Kool Aid

How to dye easter eggs with kool aid from Totally the Bomb - Kids activities blog - step by step collage of how to dye easter eggs with kool aid
Let’s use Kool Aid for Easter egg dye!

This uses the same concept as the usual egg dye but replaces it with Kool-Aid! Just add Kool-Aid mix and water for the eggs to soak in. From Totally The Bomb. Dying eggs with Kool aid helps avoid vinegar and actually smells great, while still creating pastel colored eggs.

7. Silk Dyed Eggs

Because we love no dye Easter dying, this Easter egg idea really stands out. Use silk fabric pieces to create some really beautiful designs from Twig and Toadstool.

8. Easter Egg Art

Create Easter eggs inspired by historical art like Starry Night or Mark Rothko’s Orange and Yellow. This is a unique way to decorate Easter eggs and it is one of my favorite Easter egg ideas, because it is fun, but also teaches children about fine art and different artists styles of painting from Inspiration Laboratories.

9. Shaving Cream Eggs

Shaving cream eggs are so much fun! Make a cool tie dye effect like A Thrifty Mom by mixing a few drops of food coloring with shaving cream!

10. Sharpie Tie Dye Eggs

Sharpie tie dye eggs is a lot of fun, but probably a better for older kids as this one has the potential to be a little messy. Use a Sharpie marker to draw and add water droplets to swirl them into a fun tie dye pattern from Housing A Forest.

11. Easter Egg Photos

What are Easter egg photos? You can use printed images to place photos on Easter eggs. Follow these instructions from The Artful Parent to put your favorite images right onto an egg.

12. Marble Eggs

How to dye easter eggs with nail polish from hello glow - marbled decorated eggs in a egg carton
Let’s marble eggs with an unexpected item!

I bet you never thought of using nail polish before, right? This creates a really cool swirl effect. The cool thing is, this is the same process of marbling your own nails! Make sure you wear gloves when doing this or your hands will be very colorful, from Henry Happened.

13. Easter Egg Wraps

Suzys Sitcom shows us how decorate plastic eggs with painted aluminum foil. These Easter egg wraps then can be decorate with paint or even wax.

14. Egg Doodle

Easter egg ideas that require no dye like this free Easter egg printable.
Doodle your Easter eggs.

If you aren’t in the mood for decorating real eggs, just keep it simple by coloring these free egg printables. These egg doodle eggs are super cute, have funny says, and great for little ones who may not be quite ready for dye.

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15. Even More Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

No Dye Easter Egg Alternatives for Kids

Don’t want to dye eggs? No problem, here are 7 Easter egg alternatives.

More Easter Egg Fun from Kids Activities Blog

What is your favorite Easter egg decoration idea?

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