This preschool bunny ears craft is super cute! Use the printable bunny template to guide kids into making the bunny body and face, then use their handprint to make Easter bunny ears.  This is a fun Easter craft or activity for home or classroom to celebrate all things bunny.

easter bunny ears craft using printable Easter bunny template finished with cotton ball tail and paint ears made with fingers on colorful background with confetti and coloring supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Print the bunny template to make the cute preschool craft.

Bunny Craft for Kids Using Bunny Template

I had so much making this Bunny Craft with my kids. I love finding super simple and easy crafts to do with my kids each season. Click the pink button to download the craft bunny template now:

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Making this bunny craft is so simple and super cute. While we have designated it as a preschool bunny craft, much of this Easter activity could be done by a toddler with some help or with older kids who can get a little creative or skip using the printable bunny template.

Try it out with your preschooler…or entire family.

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Instructions for Easy Easter Bunny Ears Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed for Easter Bunny Ears Craft

bunny ears craft supplies - shown is construction paper, printed bunny template, scissors, glue, paint, blotter, and crayons
This is what you will need to make a handprint bunny ears craft!

Directions for Easter Bunny Ears Craft

Step 1

Step 1 - Print Bunny Ears Craft Printable Template pdf - Kids Activities Blog
Print our bunny ears craft template!

First, print our Easter Bunny Ears Craft FREE Printable onto the plain white printing paper. Grab your bunny template by pushing this button:

Step 2

Step 2 - easter bunny ears craft - printable bunny template shown colored with crayons
Let’s start by coloring the bunny template!

Next, have your kid use the crayons and color the bunny tummy and head. Let them be creative and color the other body parts, if they would like.

Step 3

step 3 - easter bunny ears craft - cut out the bunny template with scissors
Now it is time to cut out the bunny pattern from the template.

Now guide your child in cutting out the bunny parts on our printable. Where appropriate, you can cut out the parts for your kid.

Step 4

step 4 - easter bunny ears craft - handprint bunny art -  use white paint and two fingers to create bunny ears for your bunny craft
We are going to make bunny ears with your fingers used as stamps!

Using a white stamp pad or white craft paint and a brush, put enough product on your child’s index and middle fingers. Immediately, press your kid’s fingers onto the construction paper near the middle top, as shown.

Your child’s handprints becomes the bunny’s ears!

Step 6

step 5 - easter bunny ears craft - glue on the template pieces to make a Easter bunny
Let’s glue on the bunny head, body and feet!

Once the paint is dry, begin gluing the Easter Bunny Ears Craft parts to the construction paper with the glue stick or regular school glue. I found it easier to glue the head onto the body, then the tummy onto the belly, and then the feet last.

Step 7

step 6 - easter bunny ears craft - add a cotton ball tail to our bunny
Let’s add a cotton ball for a bunny tail!

Using glue, add the cotton ball for a bunny tail.

Step 8

step 7 - our finished easter bunny ears craft
I love our how bunny craft turned out!

Finally, add a message. Ours says, “Hoppy Easter!” You could even make this craft into a card to give to grandparents, teachers, or friends. We hope you love this cute Easter Bunny Ears Craft for Kids!

More Learning Ideas for This Preschool Bunny Craft

Because there is a free printable template, it makes a fun group activity or class party activity for your school or homeschool group which could be used year round with a rabbit or animal lesson plan.

  • This bunny ear craft has preschool learning opportunities throughout.  For instance, you can integrate teaching shapes to your kid since the FREE bunny printable is made out of circles and ovals.
  • These shapes are simple enough that your kid can also improve their fine motor skills including cutting skills while doing this kids Easter craft. 

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Step by Step Instructions Review – Bunny Ears Craft

easter bunny ears craft step by step instructions shown in a collage of 9 pictures
Here are all the steps to make this cute bunny craft!

More Bunny Fun from Kids Activities Blog

easter bunny ears craft

How did your Easter bunny ears crafts turn out?

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  1. Super fun idea to use handprint for bunny ears. I can’t wait to try this preschool craft with my class.

  2. What a cute keepsake! I’ve found you thru the weekly kids co-op. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for linking up to our Afterschool Party. This is too cute! I bet it would make a cute sibling cards too to send to grandparents.

  4. This is super cute. I did something similar with my son and preschoolers this week! I love your site! And thanks for being one of the hosts of the linky party!