18 Hero Costume Ideas that Celebrate Our Heroes this Halloween

Here are some Halloween Hero Costume Ideas that will make you feel good about dressing up this year. Kids Activities Blog loves finding ways to celebrate the amazing people who are everyday heroes along with a few traditional superheroes too! Hero costumes make the perfect Halloween costume for kids of all ages.

Halloween Hero Costume Ideas for Kids
Let’s dress up like a hero this Halloween

Traditional Hero Costume Ideas that Kids Love

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without a steady stream of cape-clad kids ringing the doorbell!  It is one of the days of the year that no one questions your superhero status! 

Hero suit ideas are some of my favorites.  There is nothing more transformative than steppping into a lycra suit that you wouldn’t wear everyday…or should we?

So, let’s get dressed as a hero for the fun!

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Best Superhero Costumes for Kids

So many fun things to choose from to be a super hero that saves the world…but what about those REAL super heros?  The ones that actually exist.

The ones that help the world be a better place. The ones that help save the world in their own way…

Everyday Hero Costume Ideas for Boys & Girls 

When you think of everyday heroes, you might think of your local firefighter, police, teacher, nurse doctor, scientist, delivery person, trash collector…so many people make our everyday better.

Here are some fun ordinary hero costumes that inspire kids to grow into being a hero themselves.

Everyday Hero Costumes for Kids

No matter what costume your child chooses this Halloween.  Be inspired by the good we see in the world through super heroes…both imaginary & real.

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What is your favorite hero costume ideas for kids?