We love these Halloween Costumes for Girls of all ages – there are choices from mermaids to master chefs! If you have little girls running around your house, then you know just how creative their minds are and it isn’t all princesses. From professions to witches, the possibilities of Halloween costumes really are endless.

Halloween Costumes for Girls - 15 Great Ideas for Kids Halloween Costumes
What costume will you choose this year?

Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls

Buying a princess costume in a Halloween shop could cost you $100+ before you’ve even started looking for shoes and other accessories.

You can still get your little girl the costume of her dreams with these beautiful costumes from Amazon! All of them are under $50 and perfect for your little princess. If you’re in need of some cheap costume inspiration, don’t miss these costume ideas.

I love that most of these costumes have sizes that accommodate girls of all ages. So whether it is toddlers, preschoolers grade-schoolers, ages 11 years old, 12 years old, 13 years old…or more!

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Our Favorite Girls Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Polynesian Princess, Beauty Day Dress, and Master Chef Costumes

1. Polynesian Princess – Get ready to head to the luau in this beautiful Polynesian princess costume!
2. Beauty Day Dress – Your trick or treater will be the hit of the ball with this gorgeous blue Halloween costume!
3. Master Chef Costume – Ready, set, cook! In this Chef’s Halloween costume, your little girl will be ready to bake!

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Ice Queen Coronation Costume, Mermaid Princess Ball Gown, Amulet Princess Gown

4. Ice Queen Coronation Costume – Let her go trick or treating in this Halloween costume that will melt your neighbors’ hearts!
5. Mermaid Princess Ball Gown – Out of the ocean and onto land comes this beautiful pink princess ball gown just in time for Halloween.
6. Amulet Princess Gown – Pretty in purple, this princess gown features delicate details and fun embellishments.

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Rapunzel, Arabian Princess, Doctor

7. Royal Rapunzel Princess Gown – Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! In this beautiful princess gown your little one will feel like a queen!
8. Arabian Princess Costume – Showcase your sense of fun and style with the Arabian Princess Halloween costume for girls!
9. Jr. Doctor Scrubs Costume – Did someone call the doctor? This realistic looking doctor’s costume is perfect for your future physician!

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Snow White, Cinderella, Mermaid

10. Deluxe Snow White Costume – Your little one will be dazzling and daring in this Deluxe Snow White Halloween costume!
11. Deluxe Cinderella Costume – All you need are a pair of glass slippers (or white sneakers!) to accompany this beautiful Cinderella costume.
12. Mermaid Costume – It’s been told that mermaids only come to land on special occasions – and Halloween is one of them!

Halloween Costumes for Girls - Crayon, Rag Doll, Minnie Mouse

13. Crayon Costume – Celebrate your favorite color with this fun Crayon costume for girls!
14. Rainbow Rag Doll – Stand tall in this adorable rag doll costume for Halloween!
15. Charming Minnie Mouse Costume – Minnie Mouse is dressed to impress with this charming Halloween costume for girls!

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Which is your favorite costume for girls?

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