Costco is Selling $20 Halloween Candy Bowls and You Need Them All

When it comes to Halloween, I swear I black out and then all of a sudden I have a ton of new Halloween items. I truly don’t know what happens ha!

Well, if you feel the same, be careful running into Costco because Costco is selling $20 Halloween Candy Bowls and you know you need them all!

My local Costco only had a few things for Halloween but one of those things were these adorable ceramic Halloween bowls.

These come in 3 different characters including: Frankenstein, A Mummy and A pumpkin.

For being $19.99 each, you could totally pick up all 3 and display them around your home full of Halloween candy all-season long.

As of right now, these are not available online so you’ll need to visit your local Costco to find them.

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