These hospitals dressed up NICU babies in Halloween costumes and it is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. NICU babies are small and fragile, but some of the strongest fighters. And while they may not understand Halloween, it’s sweet that the NICU has allowed the to be a part of a beloved holiday. These preemie Halloween costumes are precious.

NICU Preemie Halloween Costumes On Babies- Baby dressed up as a green cupcake with sprinkles against a flannel blanket
How sweet is this baby dressed up like a cupcake!?

Cutest NICU Babies Dressed Up For Halloween

If you are in need of seeing something wicked cute today, say no more! Hospitals Dressed Up NICU Babies in Halloween Costumes and It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today!

Aurora Health Care hospitals in West Allis and Green Bay, Wisconsin, have dressed up babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for Halloween and it is adorable. The best part is, you can vote for your favorite costume!

NICU Preemie Halloween Costumes On Babies- Babies dressed up like popcorn with box and popcorn headband
Those are the most precious headbands I’ve ever seen.

Facebook Voted On The Cutest NICU Preemie Halloween Costumes

I love that the NICU at Bay Care Medical Center dressed up the babies. And they showed off all the amazing costumes of Facebook. The best part is, everyone could vote on the best costume and there were prizes. I think this will make sweet memories for the parents in a scary time.

According to the Facebook album:

“t’s almost Halloween and we are thrilled to be celebrating with some of our tiniest patients! Babies in our NICUs at Aurora Women’s Pavilion in West Allis and Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay got all dressed up for our annual Halloween Costume Contest. Don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite costume – simply “LIKE” or “LOVE” a photo to cast your vote. You can vote for more than one! The photo with the most votes by Thursday, November 1 at 12 pm will receive a prize. The 2 runner-ups will also take home prizes. We think they are ALL winners!

NICU Preemie Halloween Costumes On Babies- Baby dressed up like a cute jack-o-lantern
Aww, this little Jack-o-Lantern is peeking.

NICU Nurses and Doctors Are Saints During Such A Scary Time For Parents

If you have never had a baby in the NICU you may not know, but this is a scary time for many families. My oldest was in the NICU for a month due to small size and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve gone through. Leaving your newborn baby behind is so rough and the nurses and doctors in NICU’s are saints!

You’re a new parent and it’s hard. You wonder if you did something wrong…if you ate something you shouldn’t…maybe you needed to walk more, and of course these thoughts are just fueled by worry. And most of all, you wonder if your baby is going to be okay.

The nurses and doctors of the NICU are precious, wonderful, and a Godsend blessing. And often times they go the extra mile like we see here.

NICU Preemie Halloween Costumes On Babies- Baby dressed up like taco bell burrito
This is my favorite Preemie Halloween Costume!

Because It’s Scary, It Is Sweet To See NICU Babies Dressed Up For Halloween

So, it is really nice to see a NICU dress up babies in Halloween costumes to bring smiles to so many families. I love it!

You want to do all the firsts with your baby, but sometimes you can’t. And that’s why I love this so much. Parents will forever have this memory and picture to look back and smile. Smile at their precious babies and smile that they’re dressed up super cute and got to be involved in something.

It’s just special.

NICU Preemie Halloween Costumes On Babies- Cute baby dressed up like Minnie Mouse
She is just as cute as Minnie Mouse.

How Precious Are These Preemie Halloween Costumes?

These costumes are quite clever too and you can tell some of them are even handmade! Awwwww.

NICU Preemie Halloween Costumes On Babies- Masked superhero baby dressed like Batman
This baby is just as super as Batman!

Enjoy these and make sure you head over and vote before voting ends! Happy Halloween!

NICU Preemie Halloween Costumes On Babies- two babies dressed up like little pumpkins
How sweet are these little babies dressed as pumpkins?


What do you think? Which NICU preemie Halloween costume is your favorite?

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