Troll Hair Costume Tutorial

Looking for a classic costume that defies the ages?  This Troll Hair Costume Tutorial will make your little troll the hit of the party.

Troll Hair Costume Tutorial

“Mom, I need to wear a costume tomorrow!”

Nothing like last-minute requests…

However, with the revival of some of the best toys made through the ages and the debut of the new Trolls movie (opening November 4, 2016), the troll is now in – again.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have Justin Timberlake or Anna Kendrick to be behind the new wave of fun of fun!

So get on the fun train especially since it’s this easy to remake your goblin into a troll! We are so excited to partner with Dynacraft for this simple tutorial.

While idea of turning your kid into a troll is what we as parents are trying NOT to do, with just a few minutes and a soda bottle, you’ll have an adorable costume.

That’s right – the trick to this costume is all in the hair! In just a few minutes (like five to be exact)…

Troll Hair Costume

Troll Hair Costume

All you need for Troll Hair Tutorial is the following:

  • Spray hair dye (the brighter the better, but pink or purple seem to do the best.)
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair tie (coated rubberband works perfect)
  • 20 oz. plastic soda bottle (clear is best)
  • Hairspray

Here’s how to create troll hair costume with this Troll Hair with this tutorial.

To really create the Troll costume, there are so many options.

Troll Hair Tutorial

The clothes can actually be anything – from a nude-color leotard with a pair of shorts or skirt or anything at all. Many trolls love bright clothing, so let your kiddo choose their own outfit!

Of course, if you’re gonna go the extra mile for your little troll, then surprise them with the ultimate Troll car.

Troll Hair Costume

Your kiddo’s hair will raise on its own when this baby rolls into the driveway. With bright colors, working horn and doors, blinking lights, and a MP3 connection to really make ‘em “Dance, Dance, Dance,” your little one can hit the road at 2.5 miles per hour!

Troll Hair Costume

Dynacraft DreamWorks Trolls 6 Volt Light Up Super Coupe Powered Ride On features:

  • Hot Pink Super Car with Glitter Trolls Graphics
  • Poppy Hood Ornament with Real Troll hair
  • Multicolor working headlights
  • Working horn with racing sounds
  • “Chrome” Exterior and Interior details
  • Doors that open, close and lock
  • 5 Miles Per Hour maximum speed
  • Drives in Forward and Reverse
  • Easy-to-Use pedal Acceleration
  • MP3 Input and Speaker included
  • Sporty “Chrome” wheels
  • Low Profile Tires
  • Comfy Racing Seat
  • 6 volt Battery and Charger included
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty

Troll Hair Tutorial

Get your high-flying troll the coolest coupe ever – with the Dynacraft DreamWorks Trolls Super Coupe only at Toys R Us.

And your little troll will be riding high (or at least until they hit the weight limit!)

Get yours!


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