Not Sure What To Dress Your Kids Up As For Halloween? [Video]

Trying to decide on a Halloween costume for your kids is tricky business.

Sure, the littles are easy, but the bigger kids want to be unique, fun, inventive.

All in all it can be a stressful time.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Video - Kids Activities Blog
Whatever should I wear?

No worries!

Ellen is here to help!

Ellen Shows Last Minute Kids Costumes Video

If you’re still struggling after that, there may be no hope for you.

Just kidding…there is always hope.

Just check out the costumes below!

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Want to see more adorable kid costumes?

Minion Down! Costume Video

This little boy in a Minion costume is having trouble staying up, but don’t worry…he’s okay.

More Than Meets The Eye! Video

I can’t believe how many unique Transformer costumes there are!  

This bumblebee is so cool!



Do you need a last minute costume?  Here are a bunch of awesome costumes for kids.