If you are looking for the easiest and quickest way to decorate your home for Halloween that will make the biggest impact with the smallest effort, then decorating your yard like a Halloween graveyard or cemetery is the way to go. Who doesn’t love a funny Halloween tombstone?

halloween graveyard- spooky awesome halloween decorations being put up by children outside

Easy Halloween Graveyard Ideas

Creating your own front yard graveyard with Halloween tombstones is fun and this is one time when no precision is needed and the kids can do it all! Making your own Halloween graveyard is easy to set up in minutes and take down in even less time. This is a great Halloween decoration solution for busy families.

DIY Graveyard with Halloween Cemetery Decorations

Let me start this with a tiny, little admission… I am NOT a big holiday decorator. But I realized that decorating for a holiday together like Halloween as a family is a tradition-building event.

I decided I needed to plan something that the boys could do so we settled on creating a pretend graveyard in our front yard. These pictures are from many years ago when this article was first written. Today I am updating it with some fun and new tombstones, graveyard decorations and Halloween cemetery decor fun that are available.

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Top Halloween Tombstone Decorations

halloween graveyard- DIY Graveyard with Halloween Cemetery Decor - images from Amazon - shown are all the different types of foam tombstones listed below
Tombstones, Grave stones, Headstones and more…

Halloween tombstones are usually made from foam and very light. You keep them in place in your front yard graveyard with stakes that come with the tombstones.

It takes minutes to create your Halloween cemetery and after Halloween, you can take it down in minutes, remove the stakes and store the styrofoam gravestones in a large leaf bag on a high shelf in your garage or attic.

Top Skeleton Bones for Yard Halloween Cemetery

We decided since this was a really scary graveyard for Halloween, we needed some skeleton bones as well. I think it was a good decision, but which one to choose?

1. Halloween Sinking Skeleton Bones

halloween graveyard- scary skeleton on ground from amazon - Kids Activities Blog
This scary skeleton is perfect for your Halloween cemetery decorations!

This life size groundbreaker skeleton with stakes for Halloween yard decorations is one of my favorites because it is easy to install and good for some attention from those who pass by.

2. Bag of Bones Skeleton for Halloween

halloween graveyard- Bag of Bones Skeleton Set from Amazon - Kids Activities Blog
I love this bag of bones skeleton set!

This 28 piece set bag of bones that comes in a bag is what we chose because you can use them multiple ways, not just for Halloween.

How We Created Our Halloween Graveyard

halloween graveyard- Supplies Needed to Make Halloween Cemetery like Kids Activities Blog
This is what we used to make our front yard cemetery for Halloween.

Supplies Needed for Decorative Graveyard

Directions for Halloween Cemetery Decorations

Step 1

Step 1- halloween graveyard- boy carrying a styrofoam grave stones
Gather your supplies! We are making a graveyard for Halloween.

Head out to the front yard with the kids with your supplies. Have them lay out where they want the tombstones to be staked first.

Step 2

Step 2- halloween graveyard- scouting out a place for the halloween decor before grave yard
Front yard before the cemetery was born.

Stake the gravestones and Halloween tombstones where you decided they should go.

Step 3

Step 3-halloween graveyard- boy holding a Halloween plastic skull deciding where to place it in the yard
Let’s add some scary bones to our gravesite.

Have the kids decide what they want to do with the bag of bones. Do they want to spread them around or create a skeleton on the ground?

Step 5- halloween graveyard- Boy arranges bones of a skeleton for halloween decorations

My kids decided to make a full skeleton on the ground which turned into an anatomy lesson…benefits of doing things together {giggle}.

Finished Halloween Graveyard Decor

This full front yard decoration for Halloween could literally be done in about 10 minutes from start to end. My kids really got into the fun and we willingly spent a little extra time.

finished halloween grave yard decorations with tombstones and skeletons
Our completed front yard cemetery is so cool!

Our Experience with Creating a Homemade Cemetery

This project starts with this: This is a strange rock wall encased area in my yard.  Don’t ask me how it ended up this way.   It made more sense on the house plans than in real life.   The grass doesn’t grow well in this very shaded area and it functionally serves no purpose. It reminds me of a place that a tortoise would live.   Since I am not ready for a 120 year pet commitment, let’s go with plan B! Plan B is a festive Halloween Grave Yard!

I really don’t understand Halloween decorations.   It all seems very morbid, but stay with me…

The boys helped me pick out the tombstones, a.k.a. styrofoam grave stones.

Oh, and they wouldn’t leave without the plastic bag of bones.

I directed a general grave yard layout session with the boys and handed out grave stones. They set them up all by themselves and then arranged the bag of bones into a skeleton. It was then that we had a little Anatomy Lesson (after all, it was a home school day). 

Our bag of bones was missing some MAJOR BONES.  And despite my two summer cadaver-dissecting experience, I was not able to distinguish whether we were missing a Tibia or a Humerus…let alone the obvious Fibula, Radius, Ulna and pelvis omission.

You can see our bone anatomy activity here: Skeleton for Kids

Geesh! Anyway, the boys arranged our little graveyard without my assistance and I think it turned out… …frightfully morbid?

Maybe I should re-think that big, old turtle thing.

Easy Halloween Graveyard Decoration Ideas

halloween grave yard decorations

Make your own Halloween graveyard! It's not too hard to do and isn't as expensive as you may think it is. You only need a few items to make a Halloween graveyard and even your kids can help put up your Halloween decorations graveyard!


  • 6 Halloween tombstone set that comes with stakes – the one we used is no longer available, but most like this one
  • Bag of bones


  1. Head out to the front yard with the kids with your supplies.
  2. Have them lay out where they want the tombstones to be staked first.
  3. Stake the gravestones and Halloween tombstones where you decided they should go.
  4. Have the kids decide what they want to do with the bag of bones. Do they want to spread them around or create a skeleton on the ground?

More Halloween Decorations and Fun from Kids Activities Blog

How did your Halloween cemetery decorations go? Did your kids love creating a graveyard in your front yard with Halloween tombstones?

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  1. Your kids are awesome , they did a fantastic job with the cemetery! We are heavy decorators around here especially the hubby=)

  2. I loved it! My 7yrs old has been pushing me to decorate, I just arrange some orange lights, a spider and three pumpkins..I’m agree, decorating for just two weeks make me tired too!

  3. We are crazy decorators around here. If you drive by my house right now, you can see about 100 pumpkins in our front yard. My neighbor across the street said we are “the crazy pumpkin house.” Oh, and there are extras in the garage that I don’t know what to do with. 🙂 Why so many? My DD wanted a pumpkin party for her birthday last week, so the decorations had to go somewhere afterward!

  4. I’m definitely not a decorator either. I get really tired thinking about doing all that work for a few weeks. But, my son is really into it just like your boys. My compromise was pumpkins – we go to a pumpkin patch each year (make a day of it) and then bring pumpkins home to carve. I usually botch my carvings, but thankfully, he is still too young to care 🙂

  5. Whta a great graveyard!! I love it 😀 I’m not much on the ‘small holiday’ decor either…but I love to see others do it 🙂

  6. I think that is awesome. If I lived someplace where someone other than us would see my Halloween decor I would totally have a a graveyard

  7. Well I’m in the midst of the Pumpkin Wars over in my neighborhood, so I totally get the graveyard.

    And I LOVE Halloween decorating.

    Love it.