No-Sew Pokemon Ash Ketchum Costume

The only thing better than playing Pokemon Go as a family is going hunting dressed in a no-sew Pokemon Ash Ketchum costume. Because you gotta catch ’em all!

No Sew Pokemon Costume

We love using homemade costumes for kids to encourage imaginative play. This no-sew costume just might be one of my favorites that we’ve done! Keep reading to find out how to make a no-sew Pokemon Ash Ketchum costume:

No-Sew Pokemon Ash Ketchum Costume

Here’s what you need to make a no-sew Pokemon Ash Ketchum costume:

No Sew Pokemon Costume-1-2 copy

Measure the pockets on your vest and cut pieces of tape to fit. Fold the tape over the edge and secure in place.

No Sew Pokemon Costume

Line the bottom of the vest with yellow tape, making sure to leave the zipper open. Add a white T-shirt, an Ash Ketchum hat, and your no-sew Pokemon Ash Ketchum costume is ready!

No Sew Pokemon Costume No Sew Pokemon Costume

This would make such a fun choice for Halloween costumes for boys. It’s simple, easy, and it looks great! Plus, think of all the Pokemon you could catch dressed like this!

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