DIY Building Blocks Costume

So today, we are partnering with Amazon to show you this adorable DIY building blocks costume idea made out of an Amazon Smile box!

We are Amazon Prime addicts in our home. I mean, who can resist Free Two-Day Shipping!? I love it because I don’t have to drag my toddler to the store every time I need something.

Since we use Amazon Prime so often we had plenty of box sizes to choose from. We chose a smaller box because my toddler is pretty short.

The best part about this DIY costume is that you only need a few materials and about an hour of your time to make it. Creating the boxtume was the fun part for our family because we all got involved and spent time together!

DIY Building Blocks Costume

The materials are super simple and you can order them all from Amazon Prime.


  • 1-2 cans of red spray paint
  • 4 Styrofoam circles
  • Hot glue
  • Box cutter
  • Packing tape

The size of your building blocks boxtume is going to make all the difference in how much of the materials you order. We used 1 can of spray paint, but if your box is larger, you will probably want to order more. The same goes for the circles, the taller your boxtume is, the more circles you are going to need.

First, we used packing tape to hold down the box flaps on each end of the boxtume. Then we measured my daughter’s head and arms to find out how large of an opening to cut for each.

We cut out the bottom of the box entirely so that she could get the boxtume over her head. After that we cut out the holes for her arms and head with a box cutter. We traced the circles on the box with bowls before we cut so that it was easier to make a circle.

After we finished with the holes, I used hot glue to connect the Styrofoam circles to the front of the building block costume. We used a measuring tape to be sure that they were centered before gluing them on.

When those have dried and are secure, all that is left to do is spray paint your boxtume! We used red, but you can choose any color and it would look just as good!

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