Today we are playing with numbers with some of our favorite Halloween themed math games for kids of all ages. While most of these Halloween math games are created with K-4th grade in mind, they can be adapted for all math levels. These Halloween math activities are great hands-on learning ideas for home or in the classroom.

Halloween Math Games for Kids - Make and Play - Kids Activities Blog- 5 Halloween math games pictured
Let’s play a Halloween Math game!

DIY Halloween Math Games

Halloween math games are fun Halloween math activities with a learning twist. Use these Halloween math game ideas to help emphasize what your child is needing to practice or learn.

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Let’s start with some simple DIY Halloween math games that you can make. This will let you create practice and muscle memory for the math concepts that are best suited for your child.

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1. Leftover Halloween Candy Kiss Math Memory Game

Halloween math activities
Let’s practice math facts with this fun candy memory game!

The Hershey Kiss Math Memory game is perfect for any math fact practice. Unlike traditional flashcards, this fun Halloween candy math game will have kids competing to get faster and faster on their math facts.

Supplies Needed

Make & Play Halloween Math Game

  1. Set Up & Prep: I wrote multiplication facts on the bottoms and you had to know the product in order to make a match. You could use addition facts, subtraction facts, division facts or other math concepts to match by writing the equation on one Hershey’s Kiss and the answer on another.
  2. Game Play: Play like regular memory game. If your child is playing alone, then use a timer to see if they can beat their previous time record. 
  3. Fun Reward: Chocolate is always a fun motivator!  My son begged to play round after round of this game. I don’t think he’s ever begged to do multiplication fact flash cards!

2. Fact Family Pumpkin Game Halloween Activity

Halloween math - pumpkin with number on side shown with popsicle sticks inside that have math problems on them
Each pumpkin has a number written on the outside.

The cute little pumpkin cups you can find at the dollar store are perfect for this Halloween math activity. I like this math game because you can make it harder for older kids, or easier for the little ones.

Supplies Needed

Halloween math activity - pumpkin math family game for Kids
Kids will try and put the right math problem in the pumpkin with the proper math solution!

Make & Play Halloween Math Game

  1. Set Up & Prep: Write different numbers on your pumpkins.
  2. Write addition/subtraction/multiplication/division problems that equal each number.
  3. Game Play: The goal of the Halloween math game is to get all the problems into the pumpkin with the right number solution.
  4. Game Variations: For the littlest family members, you could put dots on your popsicle stick instead of math problems.   Then your child would count the dots & put the stick in the right numbered pumpkin.

3. Pumpkin Farm Math Game

Halloween Game activities

This fun game takes you to the Pumpkin Farm! It’s just like playing Halloween Battleship.

Supplies Needed

Make & Play Halloween Math Game

  1. Set Up & Prep: Download & print the game.
  2. Cut out the pumpkin game pieces.
  3. Set up a visual barrier between players using a file folder or something else to make sure your opponent can’t see your board.
  4. Each player gets a game board & a handful of pumpkins to hide in their patch.
  5. Game Play: Take turns guessing where  the other person’s pumpkins  are growing.
  6. The skinny pumpkins are worth 2 points & the fat pumpkins are worth 5 points.  
  7. If you guess your opponent’s pumpkin location, you earn that number of points.  
  8. We played until someone reached 20, so it was a great way to work on mental addition.
  9. Game Variations: We used record sheets during the game. They helped keep track of what we had already guessed, & where we found our opponent’s pumpkins.

This game is great for developing coordinate skills as well, since you ask your partner questions using the coordinates of the squares (A2, F5, etc).

4. Guessing Game Halloween Math Activity

One last thing we always do on Halloween night is The Guessing Game!   Each person guesses how much the candy bag will weigh at the end of trick-or-treating.  

Supplies Needed

Make & Play Halloween Math Game

  1. Game Play: Everyone guess how much the candy weighs from the trick-or-treat stash.
  2. Weigh the candy.
  3. Game Variations: Some years we have graphed it.   Some years we just talk about it. If you have more than 1 child, it could cause some tension if you’re weighing each bag. Of course they are going to compare who has more!   I would suggest putting all the candy in one big bowl and guess the weight of total candy. Then nobody has more than anyone else…it becomes a family effort!

5. Halloween Owl Skip Counting Game

cupcake owls craft for kids
Hoot! Hoot! Skip counting is a Hoot!

This cute owl craft and math game can be made with different types of cupcake liners depending on the time of the year. We love the idea of using Halloween cupcake liners to create a Halloween skip counting game.

Supplies Needed

Make & Play Halloween Math Game

  1. Set Up & Prep: Make the kids owl craft
  2. Game Play: Follow the directions on how to make the owl skip counting game.
homemade math game with pumpkin rocks
Let’s have more math fun with pumpkin rocks!

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More Halloween Math Activities for Kids

More Halloween Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Which was your favorite Halloween math game to play?

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