Are you looking for a great way to spend your next family night? Well, you’re in the right place because we have 14 fun family game night activities that are so much fun! From a classic board game like bingo to charade games, you’re sure to have a great time with the whole family. Enjoy our list of fun family games!

Image shows a compilation of famil game night activities, like card games and charades. From different sources.
Get ready for some great family fun!

Fun Family Activities for the Next Game Night

Skip the movie nights and try new things for your family game night tradition! Spending quality time with the family is so important, but we know it can be hard to find different games that are fun for the entire family, especially if you have little kids, older kids, and young adults.

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Instead of separating the family into age groups, the best way to enjoy your family night is with fun night ideas that include all family members. And boy, we have the best games for that! Regardless of the number of players or their ages, we made sure to add different family game night ideas that you can play at your next family dinner.

Enjoy these fun ideas!

1. This Glowing Game Lets Your Kids Battle Like A Ninja Samurai

Image shows four kids plaing with glowing lights. Idea from Kids Activities Blog.
Isn’t this the perfect game for older children?

This glowing game is great for older kids and younger kids alike. Let’s play all sorts of battle games! Even better is that they glow in the dark so they can pretend to be ninjas for hours.

2. The Best Board Games for Family Game Night

Image shows paint and a deck of cards over a yellow board. Idea from Kids activities bolg
Are you looking for the best board games to play with the family?

This list of the best board games is perfect for families that have kids who are at least 10 years old. You’ll find everything in this list: a simple game like Bananagrams, a classic game like Jenga, a party game like Pass the Pigs, or new games like Tenzi and Race for the Galaxy, you’re bound to find your next favorite games.

3. You Can Get a Light Up Basketball For Family Night Games and I Need One

Image shows a hand grabbing a light up basketball ball
Isn’t this so cool?!

Got kids that love outdoor games? Then, pick up this light-up basketball ball and enjoy the summer breeze as your play a player vs player game, or team up if you prefer! The point is to get active and have fun.

4. Sight Word Squares

Image shows a sight word game being solved. Idea from Playdough to plato
The goal of the game is learning!

Print this sight word game on a piece of paper and encourage kids to play a game that will have them learn how to spell sight words. It’s a really simple activity, but the right game for kids learning new words. From Playdough to Plato.

5. Fun Family Game #2: The Sentence Game

Image shows a printable writing game for kids. Idea from The redheaded hostess
Here’s another fun game for little kids!

Are you looking for a fun new family game? Here’s a group game (at least 8 or 9 people) that is very simple but super fun. It’s a great game for Christmas or any other large gathering. All you need is a printed version of the PDF per person and pencils. It includes writing and drawing – personally, it’s a personal favorite. From The Red Headed Hostess.

6. Scattergories Game: Best Free Printable Scattergories Lists

Image shows a woman setting up the Scattegories game. From Sugard and cloth
The best thing about this game is that you can play it numerous times!

This DIY Printable Sattergories Game is as cute as it is easy to prepare for however many guests you might have over. You can print as many different categories as you need and switch up the categories for however big or small your game night is. From Sugar and Cloth.

7. Fun Family Game #1

Image shows a bowl with pieces of paper for a Fun family game. Idea from The Red Headed Hostess
We love simple games that don’t require a lot of setting up.

This is the perfect family game night game! To set it up, you simply need to have your family write down 1 famous name per slip of paper, and then people will have to guess the person they got. Sounds simple, but it gets more complex – and super fun, too. From The Red Headed Hostess.

8. Walmart Bingo

Image shows a bingo printed on paper to play at Walmart. Idea from The Dating Divas
This is like a scavenger hunt /bingo, but in Walmart!

This game is not only fun, but it also takes no prep time. All you have to do is print off the printable and carry it with you. It can be played with as many people as you want to, even as small as two people. The goal of the game is to look for the scenes described on the bingo cards, and the first person or team to get Bingo wins! From The Dating Divas.

9. How to Play Hangman

Image shows a kid playing hangman
Playing hangman is always great idea.

Hangman is a fun game that can be played with just a piece of paper and a pencil. It’s very easy and can be as easy or hard as you want it to be. Here are the instructions on how to play hangman! From WikiHow.

10. Telephone Charades Ideas

Image shows a deck of cards for playing charades. Idea from The Dating Divas
Such a great family game!

Telephone charades is such a fun group activity. Here you can find printable cards and instructions on how to play this group game. The goal of the game is having a group acting out things to each other… even when they don’t know what exactly they’re acting out! It’s like the game telephone, but there is no speaking, and the message is passed only through acting. From The Dating Divas.

11. What if?

Image shows a picture of a weird/funny drawing. Idea from The Game Gal.
Kids of all ages will love this silly game.

A silly group game that’s played indoors. There aren’t really winners or losers; it’s more a game of being creative/funny and laughing at everyone’s responses. It works well with teens or adults. From The Game Gal.

12. Fun Family Game #3 – Who Is Telling

Image shows a card to play who is telling the truth? From The Red Headed Hostess
This game is always a good time!

This game brings out sides of people you may have never seen before. And the great thing is, the more you play this game the more clever and funny people get. The best thing is you only need an index card and a pen. From The Readheaded Hostess.

13. The Bowl Game…the Best Party Game You’ve Ever Played!

Image shows a woman holding a yellow bowl, to play a family game. Idea from Fun Cheap or Free
We love a simple game that doesn’t require a lot of prep.

This Bowl Game is about to become your new favorite group game! It’s an ice-breaker/get-to-know-you/guessing game that will have you laugh-crying, and you can play it with your family or even a new group of people. From Fun Cheap or Free.

14. Disney Charades

Image shows a bowl with pieces of paper and a plush toy from Toy Story. From Moms and Munchkins
A fun game for the entire family!

How well do you know the Disney Characters? How good are your acting skills? The great thing about a charades game is that sometimes the worst acting is the most entertaining! From Moms and Munchkins.

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What was your favorite family game night activity?

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  1. Family game night is such a fun, inexpensive way to make memories! Just whip up everyone’s favorite snack, grab a bunch of games, and you’re guaranteed hours of fun!

  2. Family game night is my favorite, but it generally consists of playing the same board games each week. I’m going to see if I can get the kids to venture out and try a few of these ideas!

  3. We love family game night. My extended family loves to get together for game nights. I can’t wait to use some of these ideas!