Make an Easy Pumpkin Window Cling Craft for Halloween

This pumpkin themed window cling craft for kids is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Little crafters will love the simple craft steps and unlimited ability to customize what it looks like when finished.

pumpkin window cling with all sorts of stuff inside it like ribbon hanging in a window with a stuffed animal looking out window
Let’s make a preschool pumpkin window cling craft together!

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Window Cling

We took inspiration for this easy preschool Halloween craft from the pumpkin and its shape. This simple craft is easy to make and fun to hang in the window.  

It is fun to add texture to a craft through ribbon and rick rack. What made creating this window cling extra fun was that my son was able to pull up the ribbons and move them around until he was complete happy with their placement.

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halloween craft that involves a paper outline of a pumpkin and lots of ribbon
You can use all the extra ribbon you have laying around!

Supplies Needed

Directions to Make Window Cling

Step 1

Start by cutting out a pumpkin from a piece of orange construction paper.  This does not have to be exact or perfect! And any size works great. I made a few pencil marks on the paper before we made a cut, but you could do it freehand as well.

Tip: You could use our pumpkin coloring pages as a template or check out the simple tutorial on how to draw a pumpkin.

Step 2

Once you have cut the outside shape, you can cut out the center portion. We went back and cut out a little on the outside shape and stem until we like the way it looked.

Step 3

Then trace the pumpkin’s outline onto a piece of contacts paper. We cut down the contact paper a little bit, but should have left it the same size. Next you will need to peel the back of the contact paper and place it on the pumpkin outline.

window cling is easy to make by sticking the ribbon on the plastic or tape
This Halloween pumpkin cling is so easy to make.

Step 4

With the sticky side contact paper of facing up you are now ready to start decorating ribbon or rick rack. One of the wonderful things about ribbon and rick rack on contact paper is that it can by pulled off and moved around multiple times.

Which is what happened at our house. My son moved ribbons all over the center of the pumpkin until he like the way it looked.

halloween window cling with white ribbon, green ribbon, and orange ribbon
Make all your windows super festive!

Our Experience Making this Window Cling Craft

We used very thin ribbon and rick rack to decorate with. Due to the lack of thickness, my kid was able to layer the ribbons and rick rack on the contact paper. I think it gave his Halloween craft a little more of an artsy look.

Educational Opportunities for Preschoolers with this Craft

Creating this pumpkin window cling was a great opportunity to introduce words and concepts:

  • Directions: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. You could give simple directions during the craft to see if the child can move the objects in each of these directions.
  • Texture & Descriptions: We also talked about thick versus thin, smooth versus rough and frayed ends and smooth ends. I love to sneak vocabulary building and other learning concepts into craft times.


How did your easy window cling craft turn out? Did your kids love making a pumpkin window cling for Halloween?


  1. This is so cute! I wanted to do something similar for an apple tree, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn’t do it but I thought it looked fun to try. I will definitely try it. I love posting comments! LOL

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