There are lots of preschool Halloween activities that are fun and not so scary.

Here are just a few Halloween activities that your little one will enjoy. Kids Activities Blog is bursting with great Halloween fun.

So many awesome Halloween activities!

Halloween are one of the best times of the year I think. It’s a wonderful mixture of fall, frights, and Halloween food! Plus there are just so many Halloween crafts to choose from!

Preschool Halloween Activities

I stumbled upon this great book, “It’s Pumpkin Time” by Zoe Hall. It is a beautifully illustrated book that teaches children about seeds, planting, growing, and enjoying pumpkins.

It’s the perfect book for little ones to get introduced to these concepts in a fun and playful way.

Pumpkin Seeds

The inside cover of the book is just a green background with lots of pumpkin seeds scattered around. We had some pumpkin seeds from making our jack-o-lantern so I let Rachel play a matching game by placing her real seeds on the seed pictures.

halloween activities using pumpkin seeds
I think pumpkin seeds are my favorite part of Halloween.

Halloween Activities

Pumpkins are orange.  I wanted Rachel to see how red and yellow blend to make orange so I set out some cups of water and red and yellow food coloring.  That is just one of the countless Halloween Activities we have found for preschoolers!

Pumpkin Color Activity

She squirt a few drops of yellow into one cup of water and a few drops of red in another cup of water.  

Then she poured the two colored waters together in an empty cup to make orange.  This is  a super easy way for young children to experience color mixing. 

This isn’t the only way to color a pumpkin! Check out these adorable printables!

color mixing with red, orange, and yellow with an ice tray
The pumpkin silicone mold has so many different uses.

Once we had orange water, I let her practice her pouring skills by pouring the orange water into an ice tray I bought at the dollar store that makes pumpkin shaped ice cubes.   We can’t wait to plop a few of our orange pumpkin ice cubes in our next glass of water!

preschool activities for Halloween using orange water and ice trays
I love using cookie sheets to avoid a mess.

Halloween Math Activities

I drew a simple template of a pumpkin then used that to make some orange and white pumpkin shaped pages for a Pumpkin Book. We have so many fun Halloween Math activities you can check out! Even some free printable Halloween Math Worksheets!

Making Halloween Educational

 I made pages for 1-5 pumpkin seeds then let Rachel count and glue the corresponding number of seeds on to each page.  There were also a few pages for art work and an outline of her hand.

halloween math activities using pumpkin cards and numbers
Who knew Halloween could be educational?

I stapled the cover of her book on and she smiled from ear to ear as she hugged her pumpkin book close to her chest.

Halloween Games

halloween games using ice trays and green pom poms
This is such a great way to use ice trays.

I’m getting my money’s worth out of my dollar store pumpkin ice tray!   Here’s another fun use for it.

This paint chip puzzle is another great Halloween activity for preschoolers!

Kids of all ages love Halloween Games.

Halloween Ice Cube Tray Games

On a tray I assembled a bowl of green pom-poms to serve as the stems for the pumpkins, a plastic tong, and the pumpkin ice cube tray.   Rachel had fun using the tongs to pick up one pom-pom and place it in the pumpkin.   She sorted them by color in different rows several times.

When she tired of that, I showed her how she could make patterns of light and dark green pom-poms.  She nearly snatched the tongs from my hands to give that a try herself.

What a fun activity this turned out to be.   These types of projects are great for improving hand-eye coordination, as well as strengthening the muscles in the hand and the pincher grip which is used so much in writing.

More Kids Activities

There are so many fun Halloween ideas for kids your little one will enjoy.   Pumpkins make for a great theme for Halloween activities that aren’t scary or gross.   For more Halloween kids activities, take a look at these:

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  1. You could also put a rolled up paper towel in the red cup and put the other end into the empty cup – do the same thing with the yellow cup, putting the other end into the empty cup – the paper towels will absorb the colored water and take it into the empty cup – you will end up with the three cups having equal amounts of water – one red, one yellow and one orange.