We have a Halloween dot to dot printable which is one of my favorite learning activities for children, from preschoolers to elementary school students. Do your children enjoy Halloween as much as we do? Do they like solving puzzles? If you answered “yes”, then they will love today’s printable!

Dot to dot coloring pages, or ‘connect the dots’ game as I like to call it, are great for practicing numbers and developing drawing skills at the same time!

free spooktacular dot to dot printable
Once kids connect all the dots on their dot to dot worksheet, they can use their crayons or colored pencils to color it in!

Connecting the dots printables are perfect for quiet afternoons or in between easy STEM activities for kids.

Today’s worksheet combines two of children’s favorite activities: free library printables and Halloween games!

Halloween games

Put down the textbook and get some hands-on learning through play!

Elementary students are very creative and energetic, which is why we need several games, crafts and activities to keep them entertained. That’s why we compiled this list with over 1000 elementary school activities!

Our screen-free activities provide hours of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment to elementary school kids. They are perfect for teachers or parents who are looking for educational activities.

connect the dots worksheets
Stimulate your kid’s creativity with fun connect the dots game!

But wait, we have more free games!

For the youngest ones, we also have over one thousand ideas for preschool kids activities. We are confident that you can find just the perfect activity for school, home or just for fun.

Free Halloween connect the dots worksheets

Connect the dots worksheets are a great way to build those preschool skills while letting kids express their creativity. This worksheet is completely free, too!

Dot to dot is a different kind of puzzle that are solved by connecting the dots. After connecting a sequence of numbers and letters, the result can be animals, nature, or cartoons characters.

This dot to dot printable is Halloween-themed. What will the end result be? A haunted house? Bats? Skeletons? Vampires?

Kids will be able to connect the dots and discover an image of a pumpkin!

educational dot to dot printable for kids
This halloween connect the dots game is perfect for kids who are learning the numbers. The best part is that it’s completely free and ready to be printed!

Download here: 

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  1. Hi! We just found your website, and are so thankful for the material found for our kid. Really appreciate you! One thing we noticed on this Halloween Dot to dot worksheet is that there’s no number 10? At least we couldn’t find it. Please let me know if I’m just crazy and don’t see it, hehe.
    Thanks again!!!