Sensory play is important for kids.  We love when you can combine learning with fun!  Halloween is a great time to explore new textures and feelings. Here are some really fun Halloween sensory activities for you to do with your kids.  These are from our weekly kids activity round-up, It’s Playtime!  Come back later to see even more things to do!

8 Halloween Sensory Play Ideas

8 Halloween Sensory Play Ideas

1.  Use your orange colored rice for this Halloween  sensory bin.  Include googley eyes, fake spiders, sticks and lots of glitter! 2.  For the babies, try making a squishy  sensory bag.  Fill a plastic bag with clear hair gel and add fool coloring to make it orange. 3.  Take your normal sensory bin and make it glow by adding glow sticks!  Turn the lights down for this one and have some spooky fun. 4.  A little dish soap, food coloring and a hand mixer makes a great activity called  soap foam.  Make Halloween colors and let the little ones splash and play. 5.  Instead of using a bin, make sensory play to go with an  I spy bottle.  Take all of your normal play items and put them into a bottle with some orange colored water. 6.  Make a  witches brew  sensory bin in a large storage container and let your little ones stir it up with latels and spoons. 7.  Here is a miniature  pumpkin patch  to play in!  Add in hay, dirt, ceramic small pumpkins, tractors and anything else you see at the pumpkin patch. 8.  Use all different kinds of pumpkins in your bins; real mini pumpkins, ceramic pumpkins and paper pumpkins.  You can also add pumpkin pie spice in the water to make it smell delicious! Check out this Halloween sensory bin! It’s so squishy and creepy! Check back at 4pm every Wednesday to link-up your favorite kids activity.

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