3 Fun DIY Halloween Math Games for Kids

Today we have 3 different pumpkin math activities that are math games for kids of all ages (especially preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grade) who are learning numbers or basic addition and subtraction. We will start with a simple rock painting craft that will be the game pieces for all our math activity fun!

Pumpkin math activity with a number card and painted jack o lantern rocks.
These painted pumpkin stones are super cute.

Halloween Themed Math Activities for Kids

Want a fun way to sneak in some Halloween math into the holiday’s festivities? These three Halloween math activities using pumpkin rocks are sure to please.  

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Painted pumpkin halloween rocks with orange stones and jack o lantern faces
First make a set of pumpkin rocks!

Pumpkin Rock Craft to Use as Math Game Pieces

We recently turned some of our rock collection into pumpkin rocks. The pumpkin rocks are a super easy Halloween craft all on their own.

–>Get the full instructions for painting pumpkin rocks

Our pumpkin rocks have a face on one side and a number on the other. You can make your own pumpkin rocks like we did or use some small Halloween themed toys that you can write numbers on one side.

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Let’s Play DIY Halloween Math Games

Halloween Math Game #1 – Counting Pumpkins with Number Squares

This is a super cute Halloween math game that helps your little one learn to count. Also, by putting numbers on the back of the rocks, this game could also double as a number memory game.

A two-in-one math game! Sounds like a win-win to me! 

Supplies Needed To Make This Halloween Math Game

  • Construction Paper
  • Markers
  • Ruler
  • Pumpkin Rocks (see link above) or a set of rocks or something you can use as a marker – we have a jack-o-lantern face on one side and numbers written on the other

Directions to Create Math Game

  1. Choose whatever color paper you like – we used green.
  2. Divide the paper into 12 even squares and number them 1-12.
  3. Your pumpkin rocks (or other game markers) should be labeled 1 through 12 to match the game board.
Painted pumpkins math game with number squares 1-12
This counting game doubles as a memory game!

How To Play Halloween Math Game #1

This first version is great for kids just learning to count up to 12 and learning what the numbers look like 1-12.

Ages: 2-4

Game Play

  1. Place the pumpkin rocks on the numbered squares.
  2. Count the pumpkins as you place them on the squares.
  3. Count the pumpkins as you take them off of the squares.

Variations of Game Play to Increase Difficulty of Game

Once your little one feels comfortable with counting and recognizes the numbers, this game can be turned into multiple Halloween math activities.

  • Your little one can flip the rocks over and start matching up the numbers on the rocks to the corresponding number on the cards.
  • You can even make it a little harder and ask them to only place even numbers, odd numbers, by 2’s, by 3’s, etc.
  • Call out a specific number to have it placed on the appropriate space.
  • Call out simple math: Addition and Subtraction and the child will place the rock on the answer number.

Halloween Math Game #2 – Number Memory

This will use the same board you created for game number 1 which has a grid of the numbers 1-12 and the corresponding dozen rocks numbered 1-12 on one side.

This is a little easier than regular memory game because one of the sides is known.

Ages: 2-4

How to Play Halloween Math Game #2

  1. Mix up the rock pumpkins with the jack-o-lantern faces upward.
  2. Place your finger on a number on the board number grid.
  3. Turn over one rock to see if you can match that number.

Halloween Math Games #3 – Pumpkin Number Match

Supplies Needed

Directions to Make Game #3

  1. Cut each card into 4’s and write a number on the card (1-12) as well as the number word.
  2. You’ll have numbers 1-12.
  3. Your rocks should already be numbered.
Cute painted pumpkin rocks used for the counting pumpkin games with the number card that has sqaures
Learning numbers, sight words, and working on memory skills with these fun Halloween math activities.

How to Play This Halloween Math Game

  1. Draw a card.
  2. Place the correct number of pumpkins on the card.

Other Ways to Play with Halloween Math for Older Kids

  • You can practice higher numbers by having each rock represent a certain value. (Example: Have a card labeled 50. Each rock represents 10. You would place 5 rocks on the card to equal 50.)
  •  Use even numbers, and practice counting by two’s.
  • Combine cards to practice addition or subtraction. (Example Card 5 + Card 1 = ?. Place the correct number of rocks on each card. Then solve the problem and choose the correct card.)

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