Cackling Fun Witches Brew Color Mixing Activity for Preschoolers

Preschoolers will delight in learning about color mixing with a Halloween twist by making a colorful witches brew! Using a few simple ingredients and containers you already have at home or in the classroom, you will be exploring the wonderful world of color combinations. This color mixing activity is great fun for preschoolers and toddlers because it involves a lot of messy, water play!  

text: Witches Brew - Kids Activities Blog - collage of pictures of preschoolers and toddlers creating different color combination of food coloring and water and stirring the colors together.
Let’s explore mixing colors with a witches brew activity!

??Make a Witches Brew for Color Learning

But it also makes for a fun Halloween activity as your kids stir up their own witches brew.   We are always looking for Halloween fun at Kids Activities Blog!

Double, double, toil, and trouble;

Fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Little ones have fun stirring up a Wicked Witches Brew;

And you’ll sneak in some Color Mixing Learning, too!

?Sing Along to Stirring and stirring and stirring my brew…

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??Supplies Needed

?Directions to Make Witches Brew

Step 1 color mixing activity for kids - Witches Brew science fun - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s get started mixing colors!

Step 1

Fill a few bowls with colored water – you’ll only need a drop or two of liquid food coloring.

Step 2 color mixing activity for kids - Witches Brew science fun - Kids Activities Blog
What happens when the colors mix together?

Step 2

Then let your children take turns pouring the colors slowly into your main bowl.

We used a porcelain roasting pan for more surface area (i.e., more room to observe more colors mixing).

The Way We Learned with this Halloween Learning Activity

  1. Hypothesis:  Before pouring in a new color, we guessed what the mixed color result would be.
  2. Observation:  We watched the colors mixing together.
  3. Conclusions:  After a few practice *potions*, we became better at guessing what the color results would be.  We also took turns guessing whether the color would get darker, lighter, or more heavily tinted with a particular color.

Muddy black was the favorite color, of course!

Scientific Method Learning Printables for Kids
This is a really good introduction to the scientific method for kids.

Scientific Method for Kids

If you want to dive deeper into the scientific method for kids then check out our printable coloring pages and information sheets where kids can learn more about the way experiments are done.

Variations on the Color Mixing Experiment

To really explore the concept of color mixing, try limiting your child’s choices to just two planned colors, like red and yellow, and watch them swirl to make orange.  Get a fresh bowl of water and repeat your experiment with a new pair of colors.

To make the experiment even more fun, use colored ice cubes and watch the colors slowly dissolve together.  Using ice cubes helps the children view the mixing more easily since you can achieve an area of one color, an area of the second color, and an area where the two colors intersect.

What types of learning potions have you whipped up lately?

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How did your color mixing witches brew turn out? Did it make the colors you expected?

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