50 Dinosaur Crafts & Activities

My child loves dinosaur crafts. In fact, I think most kids are enchanted with dinosaurs! These prehistoric animals were large and powerful–no wonder kids are so completely fascinated!

Make these creatures come to life with these exciting crafts and activities!


Dinosaurs Crafts and Activities For Kids

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? They are awesome and are super popular right now. We broke up this big list of dinosaurs into the following sections:

  • Dinosaur Crafts
  • Dinosaur Activities
  • Dinosaur Games
  • Dinosaur Learning
  • Dinosaur Snacks

That should make it a little easier to help find what you need! Also with many of these you will need some simple crafting supplies like (This post contains affiliate links):

Dinosaur Crafts

Paper plate triceratops plate craft with teeth and horns

Triceratops Craft For Kids

Use this step by step tutorial to make a 3D triceratops craft! It is made from paper, paper plates, markers, and glue. Don’t forget to add the horns and teeth! From Art Crafty Kids

Dino Hat Craft

Let your kids make this super cool dino hat craft. All you need is a green ball cap, felt, and a hot glue gun! From Laly Mom

Dino Feet

Have a full dinosaur day! Watch ice age, eat some dinosaur snacks, and make some of these awesome dinosaur crafts like these green cardboard dino feet! They even have big paper claws! From Artsy Momma

Dinosaur Craft Preschool Kids Can Do

Making a dinosaur doesn’t have to be hard. Here is a dinosaur craft preschool kids can do. All you need is construction paper, scissors, glue googly eyes, and green finger paints. Your child may need some help cutting out the silhouette of the dinosaur. From Fun Handprint Art Blog

DIY dinosaur puzzle with popsicle sticks

Stick Dinosaur Puzzle

Make a super easy stick dinosaur puzzle using mod podge, popsicle sticks, and a printed image of a dinosaur! It’s so easy to make and even more fun to play with. From Artsy Momma

Rideable Dinosaur

I love this so much! Make a rideable dinosaur for your little one! It’s essentially a dinosaur hobby horse, but what a great way to get your child moving and engaging in pretend play. From Adventure In A Box

Dinosaur Necklace

Make a Dinosaur Necklace with your kids! Use dinosaur shaped pasta noodles to make a fun kids necklace.

Dinosaur Clothespin Craft

Clothespin Dinosaurs craft are easy to do! And these are amazing! Make your own little dinos with felt and clothespins.   From Crafts by Amanda

scout swaps dino fossils

Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Make Fossils! All you need is flour, salt and water and you can make your own fossils!   After you’re done, take them outside and go on a fossil hunt.  From Kids Activities Blog

How To Make Dinosaur Feet

Dinosaur Feet! Use this fun craft to turn your feet into dino feet! From Rainy Day Mum

Dinosaur Shirts

Grab some plain shirts, fabric paints (or markers) and some dinosaur stencils! Making dinosaur shirts is super easy! From 3 Dinosaurs

Salt Dough Fossils

Whip up some salt dough and then grab your dinosaurs, seashells, and other toys to print images on the dough and then bake it to make your own fossils. From Teaching Mama

Dinosaur Activities

dinosaur activity using playdough, beads, flora, wood, and toy dinosaurs, and rocks

Dinosaur Play Doh

Dinosaurs and play doh? Um, yes please! Let your dinosaur leave footprints in the play doh, make them a home, build their habitat. This is such a fun dinosaur activity! From Fantastic Fun and Learning

Dinosaur Pretend Play

Embrace pretend play with this fun dinosaur activity. Create a fun activity box using a sand box, flora, water, and shovels. Oh, don’t forget the dinosaur toys! From Emma Owl

Dinosaur Eggs For Kids

Stay cool this summer playing with these dinosaur eggs for kids. The dinosaurs are frozen in these eggs made from ice! Add water and hammer away to get them free! From Teaching Mama

Dinosaur Footprints

Grab your dinosaurs, paint, paper, and playdough, and start making dinosaur footprints! This is a fun activity and great for toddlers and preschool kids. From 3 Dinosaurs

Bath with Dinosaurs and Paint. Children bath time fun

Dinosaur Bath

Have a fun dinosaur bath! Add plastic dinosaurs, bath tub paint, and paint brushes! It is so much fun. From Emma Owl

Dinosaur Sticky Wall

Have smaller kids? Then this dinosaur sticky wall is a perfect dinosaur activity! All you need is some sticky paper and some paper dinosaur cutouts! From In The Playroom

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Let your dinosaur toys stomp through the “mud”. Well… not exactly mud, but chocolate pudding! This is a great dinosaur sensory bin for kids who still are sticking fingers in their mouths. From Best Toys 4 Toddlers

Dino Dig

Dino Dig is a great way to spend time at the beach. Create your own miniature dino dig with some sand and toy figurines.  From Kids Activities Blog

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dino Themed Birthday Party – Here are lots of great tips and ideas for a dinosaur themed birthday bash.  From Kids Activities Blog

How to plan an awesome dinosaur party

Dinosaur Garden

Did you know you can grow your own dinosaur garden? It’s so cool! It even has its own volcano that lights up! From Kids Activities Blog

Dinosaur Sensory Play

Make homemade snow and let your plastic dinosaurs play and frolic in it! This would be a great way to stay cool in the summer. From Kids Creative Chaos 

Dinosaur Home

Grab your playdough, a tray, and some other small items to create an ecosystem for your dinosaurs. From In The Playroom

Dinosaur Habitat

Make a dinosaur habitat out of recycled items! I love projects that let you recycle, they are the best. From Sunny Day Family

Dinosaur Games

Dinosaur games using rice or sand, plastic eggs, and plastic dinosaur toys

Dinosaur Games For Kids

Break out the shovels and start digging for dinosaurs in this fun sensory bin! Find the different types of dinosaurs and even the dinosaur eggs! From Play Party Plan 

Dinosaur Surprise Eggs

How fun are these dinosaur surprise eggs? Hide the plastic dinosaur in balls of playdough. Then have your child match the colors of the dinosaurs to the color sight words. What a fun color matching game! From School Times Snippets

Dinosaur Dig

This is so cool! Bury plastic dinosaur skeletons in plaster to create a big plaster stone. Then give your child some safety gear, hammer, and paintbrushes to dig the dinosaur fossils out! From Joyfully Weary

Dinosaur Tracks using paint and paper and toy dinosaurs and playdough

Sensory Motor Scavenger Hunt

This is a simple but fun dinosaur game that also doubles as a sensory activity. Your child will have to dig through the sand to find the dinosaur stickers at the bottom. Will they be able to find them all? From Best Toys 4 Toddlers

Dinosaur Break Out

Dinosaur Break Out is so much fun! Freeze small dinosaur figurines in ice for your kids to break open with small tools or warm water.  From Kids Activities Blog

Frozen Dinosaur Dig

Rescue the Dinosaurs! Freeze dino figurines in ice and dig them out for a fun activity. From Happy Hooligans

Dinosaur Printables

dinosaur zentangle with water colors and colored pencils

Dinosaur Zentangle

Zentangles are great for bigger kids and adults and this dinosaur zentangle is no different! From Kids Activities Blog

Dinosaur Thematic Unit

Teaching your child about dinosaurs? Then you’ll definitely want to check out these resources and dinosaur printables. From Mama of Many Blessings

How To Draw A Dinosaur

Learn how to draw a dinosaur with this step by step printable. You can draw the smallest and cutest t-rex! From Kids Activities Blog

Montessori Dinosaur Unit

These Montessori dinosaur units are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. There are puzzles, writing practice, pattern cards, math worksheets, and more! From 3 Dinosaurs

Baby Dinosaur Coloring Pages

Look how precious these baby dinosaur coloring pages are! I love them so much! Each of them are so cute! From Kids Activities Blog

baby dinosaur printable coloring pages

Printable Dino Mask

Printable Dinosaur Masks can be so much fun. Pretend to be a dinosaur with these free printable masks. From Itsy Bitsy Fun

Printable Dinosaur Valentine Cards

Dinosaur Valentine cards are the best. Use this free printable to hand out some adorable dinosaur Valentine’s to your friends.  From Coffee Cups and Crayons

Dinosaur Doodle

These dinosaur coloring pages are great for smaller kids. They are pictures with bigger lines, so nothing really fine. From Kids Activities Blog

Dinosaur Counting Sheet

Teach your little one to count using these free dinosaur counting sheets. From Living Life and Learning

Dinosaur Learning

Dinosaur fossils and learning what they are

Dinosaur Fossils

Fossils are super cool! Scientists have found a number of dinosaur fossils, and now your kids can learn about dinosaurs and other fossils with these activities. Your child can be an archeologist! From Enchanted Homeschooling 

Who Discovered The Dinosaurs

Your child can have hands on experience and learn about the scientists who found dinosaur bones. Plus, they can have experience what it is like to dig up dinosaur bones. From KC Edventures.

Volcanoes and Dinosaurs

Science meets play with this volcano science experiment and plastic dinosaurs! Your kids will love this! Who doesn’t love making an exploding volcano! From Best Toys 4 Toddlers

The Best Dinosaur Drawing Books

Love dinosaurs and drawing? These 11 books can teach you how to draw a dinosaur easily. They look so realistic! From Brain Power Boy


Learn about musical notes using this DIY Greedysaurus puppet! From Lets Play Kids Music

Dinosaur Activities Preschool Kids Can Do

Matching is a fun way to learn. Use dinosaur stickers and figurines and play this fun matching game.  From Montessori Monday.

D Is For Dinosaur

Printables, dinosaur crafts, and more! This D is for dinosaur is the perfect lesson for your toddler, preschooler, or kindergartener! From A Little Pinch of Perfect

Dinosaur Snacks

Dinosaur lunch made with dinosaur teeth, dinosaur egg, dinosaur sandwich, meat, and grapes.

Dinosaur Ice Cream

Dinosaur ice cream is fun and delicious! Dig through the chocolate ice cream to find the chocolate dinosaur bones! How cute is this?! From Laly Mom

Dinosaur Muffin Pan Meal

Make lunch awesome with this dinosaur muffin pan meal! Each part of the tray has something yummy like frozen yogurt dinosaur bones, dinosaur eggs, dinosaur teeth and more! Yum! From Eats Amazing

Edible Dinosaur Eggs

Edible dinosaurs eggs are super easy to make! All you need is kiwi. Don’t forget about the dinosaur footprint sandwiches! From Eats Amazing

Dinosaur Cookies

Fossil Cookies, yum! These cookies look just like fossils! Kids love these and they’d be a hit at a birthday party! From Buggie and Jelly Bean

Looking For More Dinosaur Fun? We Have Got You Covered!

Greenzaurus Drinking Dinosaur Planters - 3 self-watering dino planters that use tongue to drink water

Watch this little girl melt your heart! Her reaction to the Good Dinosaur is precious.

Light up dinosaurs are exactly what your little one needs for bath time!

These dinosaur planters water themselves! Watch how they drink up the water!

Surprise your kids with a roaring good breakfast with this dinosaur waffle maker.

Make breakfast special with this dinosaur egg oatmeal!

Take a look at this dinosaur map to see where the dinosaurs lived.

This 12 year old boy discovered a rare dinosaur fossil. How cool is that?

These inflatable dino blasters are a great way to stay cool in the summer!

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