We found the coolest Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit that you can have a dino dig with in your own home! Do your kids love dinosaurs? Does pretending to be a Paleontologist make their hearts roar? If you said yes to either of those questions, you need to get your little aspiring Paleontologist this Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit.

child playing with dinosaurs on the couch
Let’s play with dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Excavation Kit

You can give your kids a complete Paleontologist experience with this dinosaur egg excavation kit that includes: 12 Dino Eggs, 12 chisel tools, 12 Full Color Dino Excavation Cards, a Dinosaur Explorer Torch and a Magnifying glass.

–>You can get this Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit on Amazon.

Dinosaur fossil eggs in a box with the kit contents including little dinosaurs and a magnifying glass
There is so much fun in this dinosaur kit!

Dinosaur Fossil Eggs

Your kids will spend hours digging through dinosaur fossil eggs to uncover a hidden dinosaur toy.

Once they’ve reach the dinosaur hidden inside the fossilized egg, they can find the matching collector card that will give them fun Dinosaur facts about their new dinosaur discovery.

Steps to excavating a dinosaur inside the dinosaur egg kit including the collector cards
Here are the steps to excavating a dinosaur!

Dinosaur Egg Excavation

This is so much fun, the entire family can join. Sure, it’ll be a bit messy but it’s like I always say, messy memories are fun memories!

go on a dinosaur hunt in your backyard!  Dinosaur and egg shown on ground
Let’s go searching for dinosaurs!

You can get this Dinosaur Egg Excavation Kit on Amazon. Personally, I even think this would be great for an Easter Egg hunt – so fun!


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Do you think your kids would like this dinosaur kit?

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