This dinosaur themed birthday party for kids is sure to please even the smallest dinosaur lover. Kids Activities Blog loves celebrating all things kids and this birthday party is a ton of fun.


Dinosaur Birthday Party

For boys (and some girls too!), dinosaur birthday parties are one of the most popular themes for on my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams. Really, it's no wonder, since they ™ve been a favorite of party idea since the beginning of time.

Whether you have a little one that can tell you the difference between a Triceratops and a Pentaceratops or they just has a fascination reading about these prehistoric creatures, here are some tips to help you plan a great dinosaur party!

 Dino-mite Party Invitations

While many people are turning to email for party invites, I think there's still something exciting about getting a paper invite delivered. But why not take it up a notch? Many dollar stores sell large plastic eggs: fold up the invitation, put it inside with a baby dinosaur and you have an instant dinosaur egg. Deliver it to your guests so that they can hatch their invite.

Party-saurus Dinosaur Decorations

One of my favorite decorating ideas for a dinosaur party is also one of the cost effective ones. I love seeing large dinosaur footprints cut out of poster board and put on the wall inside or a walkway leading to your house outside.

Dinosaur Themed Food Ideas

When it comes to food preparation, you can also play around and offer simple foods with names that are related to dinosaurs. Bugles become dinosaur claws. Mini chocolate eggs become dinosaur eggs. I ™ve even made breadsticks shaped like dinosaur bones. You can also have a selection of veggie sticks in small cups and call them herbivore snacks for a healthy option.

 Simple (and not so simple) Dinosaur Cakes

It isn't a birthday without a cake ¦or cupcakes. A quick and easy idea is to rob your little guy's toy box and top a simple cake with a toy dinosaur. For cupcakes, you can find some pretty cute and tiny dinosaur skeletons that would be perfect. OR why not go all out and make a working volcano cake? All you need is dry ice and a sense of adventure to get started. It would be a guaranteed kid-pleaser.

Favor Ideas that Will Make Them Roar

If you're on a budget, one of the simplest party favors is to give each child a dinosaur figurine. Often you can buy them in economical multi-packs so that you can really stretch your budget. I would tie a cute favor tag around their necks and place all of the dinosaurs in a basket with a sign that says Adopt a Dinosaur. By letting each kid choose their own dino as they are about to leave, it will make the favor even more special.

If you're able to spend a little more on each child, try assembling a paleontologist kit. Start with a muslin bag and add items on every little dinosaur enthusiast wish list including a magnifying glass and book to identify dinosaurs as well as tools and brushes.

Get Kids Involved in Planning their Own Birthday Party

Don’t leave the birthday child out of the planning.  Check out how involving kids in the birthday party planning can be a big portion of the fun!

Have you thrown a dinosaur birthday party for your child? What was your favorite idea from the celebration?

More Dinosaur Fun

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. My little boy loves dinosaurs. I never thought to use chocolate eggs as dinosaur eggs. And his birthday is always near easter ! Thank you so much for inspiration.

  2. OMG the bone bread is just too cute! Wish I would have seen this year ago when I threw my son a dino birthday. We ended up making a volcano cake that actually smoked – now THAT was a fun project 🙂 Nicely done!