These free printable Stegosaurus coloring pages are great for kids of all ages who love dinosaurs! These stegosaurus dinosaur coloring pages will inform and entertain fans of dinosaurs at home or in the classroom.

stegosaurus dinosaur coloring pages printed pdf shown on a dinosaur themed background with dinosaur toys and coloring and painting supplies
These printable stegosaurus dinosaur coloring pages are so much fun to color!

Free Stegosaurus Coloring Pages

This dinosaur stegosaurus coloring page set includes two free coloring pages, both featuring this late Jurassic dinosaur known as the stegosaurus! Click the orange button to download the Stegosaurus coloring pages pdf now:

stegosaurus coloring page printed pdf in black and white showing a stegosaurus dinosaur eating brush next to a mountain - Kids Activities Blog
Download and print this stegosaurus coloring page for a fun coloring activity.

1. Stegosaurus Eating Coloring Page

Our first stegosaurus coloring page features a stegosaurus dinosaur enjoying some grass. Did you know stegosauruses were herbivorous? That means stegosaurus only ate plants and grass!

stegosaurus coloring pages with word stegosaurus on the top - dinosaur shown turning to look back - printed pdf shown printed in black and white - Kids Activities Blog
Did you know stegosaurus dinosaur usually grew to a length of about 21 feet, but some reached 30 feet? Wow!

2. “Stegosaurus” Coloring Page

Our second stegosaurus coloring page features a stegosaurus showing off its spiked tail – cool fact- this tail is called a “thagomizer”, and the spikes were likely used for defense against predators. This dinosaur coloring pages has the word “stegosaurus” written on top of the dinosaur, so it serves as reading practice and word recognition. Hooray!

Download Your Free Stegosaurus Coloring pages PDF FILE here

printed stegosaurus printable coloring pages shown in a dinosaur theme - Kids Activities Blog
Print & color these stegosaurus coloring pages!


How did your stegosaurus coloring pages turn out?

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