2-Year-Old Little Girl Feels All The Feels Watching The Good Dinosaur! [Video]

When our kids are little, it’s sometimes hard to gauge just how much they understand the world around them.

It’s easy to dismiss their tears as being tired, or hungry, or just cranky.

But sometimes…sometimes it becomes really clear just how much kids really do understand.

As this two-year-old, Jintry, watched THE GOOD DINOSAUR, her mother saw her tearing up.

“What’s wrong?” mom asks the toddler.

Turns out, the movie was making her sad.

Really sad.

See, the baby dinosaur fell into the water and Jintry knew it just wanted to be with its mama.

What happens next is probably the sweetest thing you’ll ever see, and will definitely make you think twice about what you think the littles do and don’t understand!

Take a look!

Girl Cries During Dinosaur Video

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