Today we have the coolest spinosaurus coloring pages. We’ve created a collection of dozens of free dinosaur coloring pages and printables for your kids to color of all their favorite dinosaurs, and spinosaurus is one of them. By the way, did you know that spinosaurus means “spine lizard”? Cool, right? Coloring a spinosaurus coloring page is fun at home or in the classroom.

spinosaurus coloring pages - printed dinosaur coloring page pdf shown on dinosaur background with dino toys and coloring supplies - Kids activities blog
These printable spinosaurus coloring pages are so much fun to color

spinosaurus Coloring Pages for Kids

Dinosaur coloring pages like these spinosaurus coloring pages will draw your kid into the amazing world of natural history. Click the red button to download the dinosaur coloring fun now:

Did you know that spinosaurus were really large dinosaurs – an adult spinosaurus could reach up to 59 ft in length and weighed anywhere between 7 to 20 tons.

Much bigger than the Tyrranosaurus Rex!

Dinosaur Coloring Page SEt Includes

1. Spinosaurus In A Swamp

spinosaurus coloring page printed pdf version shown
Free spinosaurus coloring page for kids!

Our firstspinosaurus coloring page shows a young spinosaurus having fun in a swamp surrounded by leaves and plants.

3. Roaring Spinosaurus

coloring pages of spinosaurus roaring next to a mountain
Download and print this cool spinosaurus coloring page!

Our second coloring page features a spinosaurus showing off its spine and teeth. RAWR!

Download Your Free Spinosaurus coloring pages PDF File here:

To get our free spinosaurus coloring pages, just click the download button below, print them, and you’re all set for a cute coloring activity to do with your little ones.

spinosaurus coloring pages
Print & color these spinosaurus coloring pages!

Fun Spinosaurus Facts for Kids

  • Did you know the Spinosaurus are carnivorous dinosaurs?
  • The Spinosaurus did not have a small head, but had a small crest.
  • Birds are the closest relative to the Spinosaurus.
  • The Spinosaurus lived in the late cretaceous period.


How did your Spinosaurus coloring pages turn out?

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