We have free printable Velociraptor coloring pages! Kids of all ages, younger children to older children, will have a blast coloring and decorating these velociraptor coloring pages using their favorite coloring supplies. Not only are our Velociraptor dinosaur coloring pages super cute, but these Velociraptor coloring sheets are also easy to color and perfect for coloring at home or in the classroom.

velociraptor printable coloring pages printable pdf of the dinosaur coloring pages on dinosaur themed background with dinosaur toys and art supplies - Kids Activities Blog
These printable velociraptor coloring pages are so much fun to color

Velociraptor Coloring Pages For Kids

Get ready for a journey to the late Cretaceous period with our Velociraptor coloring pages! Kids of all ages who love dinosaurs and learning about prehistoric times will have a fun time coloring these velociraptor dinosaur coloring pages. Click the red button to download and print the two coloring pages featuring this small and agile dinosaur, the velociraptor.

1. Adult Velociraptor Coloring Page

Black and white Velociraptor coloring page showing a cartoon style velociraptor surrounded by tropical leaves and rocks
These velociraptor coloring pages are free to download!

Our first velociraptor coloring page features a velociraptor standing on a rock. Did you know that adult Velociraptors grew up to 6.8 feet long and 1.6 feet tall?

2. Hatching Velociraptor Coloring Page

velociraptor coloring pages printed pdf - Kids Activities Blog
Download and print our fun and free velociraptor coloring pages!

Our second coloring page features a baby velociraptor hatching from an egg – kind of adorable, isn’t it? You can color this baby velociraptor and its eggs all of your favorite colors! I think I want my velociraptor to be red and orange with a green egg!

velociraptor dinosaur coloring pages
Our velociraptor dinosaur coloring pages are free and ready to be downloaded and printed!

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Download Velociraptor Coloring Pages PDF File here

Free Printable Velociraptor coloring pages

This printable coloring set comes with two dinosaur coloring sheets. Each coloring page has a baby velociraptor and a grown up velociraptor. One velociraptor is hatching from it’s egg while the other is an adult velociraptor in it’s natural habitat.

Velociraptor facts for kids to learn while they color

  • Velociraptors were a small carnivorous dinosaur – this means they had a meat-based diet.
  • Although the Jurassic Park movies present velociraptors as scary hunters, velociraptors usually hunted small prey or eat leftover carcasses abandoned by larger dinosaurs.
  • However, I think the most interesting fact about velociraptors is that they had feathers! Yes, just like chickens!
  • Did you know Velociraptors were about the size of a turkey?


How did your Velociraptor coloring pages turn out?

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