Love T Rex videos? Then you’re going to love this video. This guy does the best impressions of a T-Rex and a Velociraptor. I’ve never been good at impressions, so I love watching other people do them. This T Rex video is so awesome and funny, I love it. You have to see it.

funny video of a guy imitating a t rex dinosaur - Kids Activities Blog - t rex dinosaur on white background
I swear he looks and acts just like this dinosaur!

Awesome T Rex Impression Video

We all have that one funny friend who can make us laugh no matter what. Maybe they’re super witty. Or great at telling jokes. Maybe they’ve got a certain way they look at you when you need it. If you’re lucky, they do all of the above and more. This guy is that.

Funny Dinosaur Impressions

He takes making his friends laugh to a whole new level as he goes about imitating a t-rex and a velociraptor in a way that would put Jurassic World to shame.

Seriously, he’s a better dinosaur that the movie dinosaurs.

Take a look!

Funny T Rex and Velociraptor Impression Video

Best T Rex and Dinosaur Impression Video

That table jump, though! Seriously, I thought the table was going to buckle, and when it didn’t, I laughed even harder. From the gasps in the background, I’m guessing his friends thought the same thing. Thankfully it didn’t. And he’ll live to do more impressions another day. If I could put in a request, I’d like to see a chicken. From the way this guy moves, I just think a chicken would be so super super funny.

Do T-Rex Really Have Short Arms?

Turns out the T-Rex may have had arms that only looked tiny against it’s massive body. Their arms were over 3 feet longs and incredibly powerful. They could have benched 400 pounds in EACH arm. And believe it or not, the Carnotaurus actually have smaller arm than the T-Rex.

Did Velociraptors have scales?

Researchers believe that Velociraptors actually had feathers rather than scales. In 2007 there was a study published that found a fossil of a Velociraptor had quill knobs along it’s forearms…kind of like our modern birds.

Is A Velociraptor As Smart As They're Depicted In Jurassic Park?

The answer is…probably not. Scientists have studied the proportions of the body, which helped them learn about their brains. And it turns out… the velociraptor was probably as smart as your average bird.

More Dinosaur Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Show your kids this funny video and then watch them go practice channeling T Rex movements!

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