This Guy’s T-Rex & Velociraptor Impressions Are Spot On And Hilarious! [Video]

We all have that one funny friend who can make us laugh no matter what.

Maybe they’re super witty.

Or great at telling jokes.

Maybe they’ve got a certain way they look at you when you need it.

If you’re lucky, they do all of the above and more.

This guy is that.

funny video of a guy imitating a t rex dinosaur - Kids Activities Blog - t rex dinosaur on white background
I swear he looks and acts just like this dinosaur!

Funny Impressions

He takes making his friends laugh to a whole new level as he goes about imitating a t-rex and a velociraptor in a way that would put Jurassic World to shame.

Seriously, he’s a better dinosaur that the movie dinosaurs.

Take a look!

Funny T Rex and Velociraptor Impression Video

That table jump, though!

Seriously, I thought the table was going to buckle, and when it didn’t, I laughed even harder.

From the gasps in the background, I’m guessing his friends thought the same thing.

Thankfully it didn’t.

And he’ll live to do more impressions another day.

If I could put in a request, I’d like to see a chicken.

From the way this guy moves, I just think a chicken would be so super super funny.

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Show your kids this funny video and then watch them go practice channeling T Rex movements!


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