My kids love playing with their water blasters. But I have a feeling they’re going to love playing with this inflatable dinosaur water blaster even more. 

Water blaster
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This Inflatable Dinosaur Water Blaster from Pusiti is a creative spin on a water blaster toy. It’s a great replacement to larger water blasters, since it’s super lightweight, making it easier for little kids, like my three year old, to use.

Source: Amazon

The inflatable water blaster comes with an air pump, and when the toy is completely inflated it’s about 28 inches tall and 21 inches wide. Yep, this is one big dino toy.


Source: Amazon

After the inflatable toy is full with air, it’s time to fill it up with water. The toy can hold 250 ml. worth of water, which is more than the average toy water blaster. But the best part of all?

The water blaster can shoot water up to 20 feet away! And, as it should, the water is squirted right out of the dino’s mouth. In other words, this is perfect for some outdoor fun and games. I already know my kids are going to laugh like crazy during their next water blaster fight. 

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The kids are going to love playing with this as a water blaster, but they can also use the inflatable dinosaur as a toy in the pool and lake too. Just like any other inflatable floatie, the dinosaur floats in the pool, giving your kids even more hours of entertainment.  

water blaster toy
Source: Amazon

Once your kids are done playing with it, or if you want to transport it, it’s easy to deflate, fold, store, and carry. This way you can bring the inflatable water gun fun with you and your family, no matter what your Summer plans are. 

The Pusiti inflatable dinosaur water gun is available from Amazon for just $16.99.  



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