Let’s color these cool Apatosaurus coloring pages! Today’s dinosaur coloring pages feature an apatosaurus dinosaur picture kids can color. Kids of all ages can get a little dinosaur obsessed and these Apatosaurus coloring pages is the perfect activity to keep them busy. These Apatosaurus coloring pages are great for home or in the classroom.

Apatosaurus Coloring Pages - fun and easy dinosaur coloring sheets for kids of all ages - Kids Activities Blog - these dinosaur coloring pages shown in pdf form on top of a fossil table scene with dinosaurs, magnifying glass and colored pencils.  The coloring pages says "Apatosaurus" at the top
Let’s color an apatosaurus dinosaur!

Printable Apatosaurus coloring pages

This free printable Apatosaurus coloring page set includes two dinosaur coloring pages featuring the apatosaurus dino, one of the largest animals to have ever walked on Earth! Click the blue button to download the Apatosaurus dinosaur coloring pages pdf files now:

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Dinosaurs are a favorite for kids (and kids at heart) and so is coloring! These apatosaurus printable coloring pages are just a few in our huge collection of dinosaur printables, including more sauropod coloring pages.

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Apatosaurus coloring page printed pdf with word, Apatosaurus, picture of dinosaur in a lake for kids to color - Kids Activities Blog
Free cool apatosaurus coloring page for kids!

1. Apatosaurus Dinosaur in a Lake Coloring Page

Our first apatosaurus dinosaur coloring page features an apatosaurus showing off his long neck while taking a dinosaur bath next to some tall mountains.

This free coloring page has the word “apatosaurus” in bold letters, so it’s perfect for younger kids that are getting familiar with their ABC’s or learning how to read.

Apatosaurus coloring page printed pdf file shown with apatosaurus dinosaur walking through a forrest - Kids Activities Blog
Free apatosaurus coloring page – just grab your crayons!

2. Apatosaurus Dinosaur Walking Down a Path Coloring Page

Our second apatosaurus coloring page shows a big apatosaurus walking in a forest. Notice how tall he is standing next to the trees and mountains!

Print apatosaurus Dinosaur coloring pages PDF Files HERE

To get our free apatosaurus coloring pages, just click the download button below, print them, and you’re all set for a cute dinosaur coloring activity to do with your little ones.

dinosaur coloring pages shown on dinosaur background with dino toys and coloring supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Our apatosaurus coloring pages are free and ready to be downloaded!

Apatosaurus dinosaur Fun Facts for kids

  • An adult apatosaurus dinosaur was 75 feet long which is like two buses parked in a row in length!
  • The apatosaurus dinosaur weighted 50,000 pounds and they could reach that size in only 10 years!
  • You can visit an apatosaurus skeleton at the Wall of Bones at Dinosaur National Monument or a cast of an apatosaurus skull at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.


What colors did you use for coloring your apatosaurus coloring pages?

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