This Interactive Map Shows If Dinosaurs Lived in Your Town Millions of Years Ago And It Is So Cool

This dinosaur map shows where dinosaurs lived. For kids and adults alike, it can be hard to grasp just how old the earth is and how it’s changed over millions upon millions of years. This dinosaur world map is an interactive 3D map, called Ancient Earth Globe, is giving people a free glimpse into the past.

dinosaur map for where the dinosaurs lived - Kids Activities Blog - map from Ancient Earth shown with dinosaur images
Let’s explore this cool dinosaur map!

?Where Dinosaurs Lived Map

Not only does the dinosaur map show how land masses have changed over time, but you can literally search to see what dinosaurs used to live in your part of the world!

Ancient Earth Globe allows users to see into the past by using the different features on the interactive map. Source:

?Ancient Earth Globe

Ancient Earth Globe — created by Ian Webster, a paleontologist, using Experiments with Google — is a super cool and easy to use online tool.

?How to Find the Ancient Earth Globe Tool Online

  1. Start by searching for your location using the “City Name” box. After you select your city, the tool will drop a red pin onto the map.
  2. Then change what “time” it is by selecting from the drop-down menu.

?Look Back Millions of Years on the Dinosaur Map

You can view what the earth looked like anywhere from 750 million years ago to 20 million years ago.

Watch as plate tectonics move your “town” over millions of years (as long as its not under water).

It’s a great way of using visuals to teach your kids about plate tectonics — which is what our homeschool curriculum schedule includes in the next couple weeks.

?Find If Dinosaurs Lived Near You on a Map

But what I know you really want to know: did dinosaurs roam where I live now?

When you search your city, if fossils were ever found in your area, they’ll show up under your city name.

Click the name of the dino fossils, and you’ll be taken to a new page jam packed with all sorts of fun info about the dino, including where else the fossils were found, what the dino ate, when it lived, and oh so much more.


?Explore Dinosaur Learning Deeper with Ancient World Map

Whether your kids want to learn more about earth and how it’s changed over time, or they’re super into dinosaurs like my kids are, Ancient Earth Globe is such an awesome educational tool.



Did you know about the dinosaur map? Did you look up to see if dinosaurs lived near you?


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