How cute is this ride on dinosaur? If you have a child that loves dinosaurs, you need to see this adorable ride-on toy! This ride on dinosaur is so adorable. It’s not only a jeep, but has a T-Rex on a front. So it looks like you’re being pulled by a dinosaur.

Ride on dinosaur toy with jeep and  green dinosaur with smiling little girl outside
This ride on dinosaur is cute, look how short it’s arms are!

Little Tikes T-Rex Ride On Dinosaur Truck

Little Tikes has released an adorable T-Rex Truck Ride-On! If your kids love dinosaurs or Jurassic Park then this is the ride on car for them!

It’s not a motorized car. As with most Little Tikes cars you use your feet to move your car. But what is cool is that the back piece is great if you want to push your kid around. They can get around in style! Prehistoric style!

Ride on dinosaur with a blue handle and blue and tan dinosaur jeep ride on car on a white background
This ride on dinosaur toy gives me Jurassic Park vibes.

T-Rex Dinosaur Ride On

As I mentioned before this ride-on transitions easily between a kid-powered ride on and a parent push/pull wagon making it the coolest thing to ride around on.

Which is great for multiple reasons. Your child can use this toy by themselves and that promotes pretend play and is great exercise.

However, if you need to go out and walk around a lot and you have a little one, this is perfect. Kiddos have little legs and while it may seem they have endless energy they can get tired easily. So push them around while keeping an eye on them.

Ride on dinosaur car blue red and green with a steering wheel and horn and stickers
It’s a fun play on the Little Tikes classic car. But this ride on dinosaur car is like…way cooler.

T-Rex Ride On Truck Specification and Dimension

The t-rex makes realistic roaring and chomping sounds that spark kids’ imaginations while they ride. And that’s not all!

This toy also has storage for other toys your little one wants to bring around or whether you need to carry around stuff while you’re out and using this as a wagon. And it’s great whether you’re inside or outside.

The front wheels also spin 360 degrees which means it’s going to be easier to move around.

Ride on dinosaur being rode by little boy in blue jeep on white background
It’s perfect for kids 2+.

It is great for kids 3 to 5 years and can hold kids up to 50lbs. It’s a bulkier toy with the dimensions of 32.63×18.38×18.25, regardless, this would make a great gift for any dinosaur fan!

Ride on dinosaur toy with jeep and  green dinosaur with smiling little girl outside
Get your ride on dinosaur today!

Where To Get Your T-Rex Dinosaur Ride On Truck?

You can grab the Little Tikes T-Rex Truck Ride-on from Amazon for $109.99 here. Do know, it is sold out in most stores so I suggest ordering it online for delivery to your home.


How cool is this ride on dinosaur toy? Will you be getting it for your little one?

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