These dinosaur gardens are perfect for getting kids interested in planting and growing. While fairy gardens are a great way to get your children interested in all things gardening indoors, some kids aren’t excited about fairies…but dinosaurs are their thing!

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Let’s grow a dinosaur garden!

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Dinosaur Gardens for Kids

You can get a dinosaur garden instead of a fairy garden kit! <–We have some cute choices if you want a fairy garden!

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The first dinosaur garden we found was the Grow N’ Glow Dinosaur Habitat. Kids can create an entire dinosaur garden, complete with a light up, nightlight volcano.

Light Up Volcano Dinosaur Garden

Light up volcano dinosaur garden for kids shown with dinosaur toys and plants on white background
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It’s the perfect idea for dinosaur loving kids, and the kit includes different dinosaurs to live in your garden.

There’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex and stegosaurus to live in the garden and a triceratops skeleton to discover buried in the dirty.

How Does a Dinosaur Garden Work?

glowing dinosaur garden with glow rocks and glow paint
ooooh! The garden glows in the dark
  1. Your kids can design the garden, plant the seeds, and watch it grow. 
  2. The included seeds quickly sprout so kids can see the results of their creations sooner than later.
  3. There’s even glow-in-the-dark paint so your kids can make their dinosaurs or the habitat glow at night.
  4. The volcano includes a small flickering LED light and glows red, just like it was erupting.
dinosaur garden box
So much dinosaur fun.

What is Inside the Dinosaur Garden Kit?

  • Toy dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur fossils
  • Light up volcano
  • Lava paint
  • Glowing stones
  • Planting container
  • Potting mix
  • Quick grow chia, wheatgrass and bean seeds
  • Soil scoop
  • Plant mister.

You can get your own Grow N’ Glow Dinosaur Habitat on Amazon for $25.99 too and start building a dinosaur garden to call your own.

More Dinosaur Gardens & Dinosaur Terrariums We Love

1. Glowing Dino World Terrarium Kit for Kids

Glows at night with switch - terrarium turns into a gorgeous illuminated table top garden with dinosaurs
This dinosaur garden is a terrarium that glows at night and grows during the day.

This light up dinosaur world terrarium kit comes with 6 dinosaur toys with colorful LED on lid. Great STEM science toy to create your own customized mini dinosaur world.

2. Creativity for Kids Mini Garden Dinosaur Terrarium

Mini garden dinosaur kit shown with box and growing plants
This mini terrarium is full of dinosaur fun!

This mini terrarium for kids has a dinosaur theme. Kids can decorate, plant and grow their own mini terrarium in a dinosaur egg-shaped environment.

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3. Happinest Dinosaur Terrarium Kit with Light up Volcano Garden

child looking at the dinosaur volcano terrarium
This dinosaur volcano terrarium has a light up volcano!

This fun light up volcano toy is great for boys and girls ages 5-10 and includes a terrarium jar, light up lid, usb charging cable, soil, sand, black rocks, chia seeds, wheatgrass seeds, volcano, dinosaur toys and sticker along with a spray bottle and planting stick

4. Onnetila Dinosaur Terrarium Kit for Kids

light up dinosaur terrarium kit for kids with box and completed growing terrium pictured
Let’s grow a dinosaur garden!

This dino mini garden in a jar has a plant growing system making it a fun STEM toy for boys and girls.

5. DIY Terrarium Kit for Kids with 3 Dinosaur Toys

box and finished terrarium kit shown for DIY terrarium kit for kids with dinosaurs
This light up mini volcano garden is so cute!

This DIY terrarium kit comes with 3 dinosaur toys, light up mini volcano garden kit includes: color crystals, white pebbles, moss, 2 succulent plants, LED lights, mushrooms and a user manual.


Which dinosaur garden for kids was your favorite?

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