Triceratops Coloring Pages

These triceratops coloring pages are a great option for any kids who love dinosaurs! Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring a cute little dinosaur or two. They won’t even realize they’re practicing fine motor skills!

triceratops coloring pages
These printable triceratops coloring pages are so much fun to color!

Looking for free dinosaur coloring pages? Well, it’s your lucky day because today we have awesome triceratops coloring pages for you and your little ones!

Our dinosaur printable set includes two engaging triceratops coloring pages, all ready to be downloaded and printed. Hooray!

Triceratops dinosaur coloring pages

Color for fun or use as an enjoyable educational activity – there are so many ways to use these printable coloring pages of dinosaurs for your children!

1. “Triceratops” coloring page

cute triceratops coloring page
Free cute triceratops coloring page for kids!

Our first triceratops dinosaur coloring page features a cute triceratops. This coloring page has a big “triceratops”, so it’s perfect for younger kids that are getting familiar with their ABC’s or learning how to read.

2. Baby Triceratops coloring page

baby triceratops coloring page
Aww, this baby triceratops coloring page is adorable.

Our second coloring page features a baby triceratops. Aren’t his horns and long tail adorable? That’s exactly why they are one of the most popular dinosaurs amongst kids!

How to download and use our printable triceratops coloring pages

To get our free triceratops coloring pages, just click the download button below, print them, and you’re all set for a cute coloring activity to do with your little ones.

Use crayons, markers or coloring pencils, or mix them up to experiment with different ways to color.

Little ones can practice numbers by counting the horns and identifying the letters as they color them in. Bigger kids can learn that ‘tri-‘ means three and advanced kids can compare the triceratops to all the dinosaurs in our dinosaur coloring pages collection!

triceratops coloring page printable
Our triceratops dinosaur coloring pages are free and ready to be downloaded and printed!

Download Your Free Printable Triceratops Coloring Pages PDf File here:

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We love coloring pages for those days when you just need a screen-free, mess-free activity. We know you’re going to love these!

How did your cute triceratops color pages turn out? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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