Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Pages

What kid (or adult) isn’t obsessed with dinosaurs? Prepare yourself for a day filled with coloring fun with these Tyrannosaurus Rex coloring pages!

Our dinosaur coloring page set includes two free printable coloring pages, both featuring one of the most popular dinosaurs amongst children, the Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Tyrannosaurus Rex Coloring Pages
These printable tyrannosaurus rex coloring pages are so much fun to color!

T-Rex Coloring Pages

These dinosaur coloring pages are a roar! Each coloring sheet depicts a not so ferocious T-Rex.

Don’t worry, these aren’t Jurassic Park T-Rex, but rather these are cute T Rex coloring pages.

These Tryannosaurus pages are perfect for kids of all ages and can be part of a great prehistoric animal lesson.

So grab your colored pens and add lots of details to this tyrant lizard! The best part is, kids will also be getting fine motor skills practice as well.

Printable Tyrannosaurus Rex coloring pages

Sharing dinosaur facts turns coloring these free printables into an enjoyable educational activity. Did you know that the Tyrannosaurus rex, also called “T. Rex”, was one of the greatest predators that ever lived?

That sounds so scary! Luckily, they lived about 65 to 70 million years ago, and today the only way to see a T. Rex is in a movie. Phew! {We dialed down the scary on our coloring pages to keep it fun.}

Here is another cool fact: the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth found is 12 inches (30 cm) long. That’s as large as a ruler – and larger then the long side of the paper you print these coloring pages with!

2. “Tyrannosaurus Rex”

t. rex coloring pages
Download and print this t. rex coloring page for a fun coloring activity.

Our first T. Rex coloring page shows a big Tyrannosaurus Rex standing up, probably looking for their next prey. By the way, an adult T. Rex could be as tall as 40 feet standing up!

2. Cool T. Rex Dinosaur Coloring Page

t. rex printable coloring page
Download and print this cool tyrannosaurus rex coloring page!

Our second T. Rex dinosaur coloring page has a T. Rex roaring or growling in a forest. Can you imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex’s roar? We can’t know for sure how they sounded like, but it was probably ferocious!

Another cool T. Rex fact for kids: Unlike to many other dinosaurs, the T. Rex was a carnivore – that means they were meat-eaters.

How to download our printable Tyrannosaurus Rex coloring pages

To get our free Tyrannosaurus Rex coloring pages, just click the download button below, print them, and you’re all set for a cute coloring activity to do with your little ones.

T. rex printable coloring pages
Print & color these t. rex coloring pages!

Download Your T-Rex Coloring Pages PDF FIle here:

Check out these free coloring pages:

We love coloring pages for those days when you just need a screen-free, mess-free activity. We know you’re going to love these!

How did your t-rex coloring pages turn out?

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