Let’s play some indoor games! Fight the boredom of staying inside with these fun and entertaining games and activities for kids of all ages. There are always days when kids are stuck inside to play.  Often it is due to weather, but there are tons of other reasons why outdoor play may not be an option! That is why we have collected more than 30 Stuck Inside Games to play.

30+ Indoor Games For Kids To Play Inside - Kids Activities Blog - shown spider web throw, sack races, belly bumps, plane and indoor golf games
Check out our huge list of indoor games to play!


Check out these fun active indoor activities for kids that make a good list of indoor games to play! Whether it is a rainy or snowy day that keeps you stuck inside or you are looking for an indoor game for a party, we have all the fun ideas…


1. Cardboard Ski Competition

indoor activities for kids - cardboard skiis and poles made from homemade items on white background
Let’s ski inside!

Cross-Country Skiing – This is one of the most genius ways of upcycling I have seen in a long time!  Playtivities created an entire ski set out of cardboard and…well, I am not going to ruin it.  Go see for yourself! Oh, and no snow is needed to play this ski game!

2. Target Practice

indoor activity for kids - a straw plane with one big ring and one small ring at either end of a drinking straw held by a child in a purple shirt
Fly Your Plane Inside!

Paper Airplane Rings  – I adore this from All for the boys!  Add “targets”  themed for something your child is currently learning or you could make targets to get kids throwing and fetching. This is such a fun game to play indoors.

3. Building Games for Kids

DIY indoor activity building set - colorful toilet roll tubes cut in sections with slits for building all piled on white background
Let’s build inside with these fun DIY building blocks

Cardboard Tube Construction – Use empty cardboard rolls to build a unique structure. Picklebums painted theirs in bright colors, but this idea works just as well without the paint! More fun DIY building blocks you can make:

4. Math Games that are Fun

Math Pattern Hop – Learning to skip count can be a very interactive experience!  This could easily be done in doors with painters’ tape instead of chalk.

5. Toddler Tennis

Balloon Tennis – Toddler Approved has a fun idea to allow her kids to play tennis indoors!  Kristina replaced a tennis ball with a balloon.  I think their racquets are very creative!

6. DIY Bowling

indoor bowling game you can make out of recycled items - soda bottles painted with numbers on kitchen floor
Let’s play indoor bowling!

Recycled Bottle Indoor Bowling – Learn with Play at Home has a fun and simple craft that turns bottles into a bowling game perfect for indoor energy expenditure.

7. After-Dark Games for Kids

Flashlight Games – The fun doesn’t have to stop when night falls!  There are all sorts of fun games to play after dark.

8. Marble Competition

indoor activities for kids - DIY marble run with two kids running marble down the black track held up with green triangles in living room
Let’s make an indoor roller coaster for our marbles

DIY Marble Run – Buggy and Buddy’s kids created a fun marble run from things they had around the house.  My kids would love, love, love this!

9. Indoor Playground

indoor activities for kids - cardboard slide for stairs with child fitted with helmet sliding down
Let’s make an indoor slide!

Cardboard Stair Slide – Everyday Best has perfected the absolute gold standard of outdoor kids activities moved indoors, a slide!

10. Obstacle Course Run

Super Mario Obstacles – Inspired by the favorite video game, you can create an obstacle course that would stump kids to get to the next level.

11. Kinetic Sand Play

indoor games for kids - make kinetic sand out of things you already have at home - three panel collage of steps to make homemade kinetic sand - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s Make Sandcastles inside today!

How to make kinetic sand – A fun science project that doesn’t feel school-like.

INDOOR Games for Kids at Home

Stuck inside games - over 30 game ideas for kids for active indoor party games and rainy day games - shown are homemade balls, DIY airplane, belly bounce game, toilet paper bowling and toilet paper roll building games
Oh so many game ideas for kids of all ages!

12. Let’s Play a Game of Croquet!

Homemade Indoor Croquet – Toddler Approved has a fun indoor game for kids of all ages {my husband would adore this}.  She and her kids created a indoor croquet game with all sorts of upcycled household items.

13. DIY Mini Golf Game

indoor games for kids - tin can golf - tin can with golf ball inside on carpet in home with banner above with the number 3 indicating the third golf hole
Indoor Golf? I am In!

Mini Golf Game Inside is a great solution for kids of all ages. Create a tin can mini golf course just like The Craft Train!

14. Simple Toss Game

DIY Ball and Cup Game – We adore this simple upcycle to create a game that can be played by two or even alone.  There is no reason to leave your recycling bin untouched!

15. Pranks

Prank Ideas – Funny pranks for all ages that can be played on kids, and that kids can do to anyone.

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16. Let’s Play Store

Play Store – This fun idea from Kids Play Space is a shoe store!  At first this doesn’t sound very active until you see the pictures of her kid playing!  What fun.

indoor play for kids - printable sandwich shop - sandwich shop pdf shown with shop menu and printable sandwiches for indoor pretend play - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s Open a Pretend Restaurant Inside Today!

Open your own sandwich shop with these printable sandwich makings and menu! Download and print the entire pretend play game for hours of indoor fun.

17. Juggling Game

Learn to Juggle – Use these super fun-to-make juggling balls to inspire a bit of coordination practice.  Is the circus in your child’s future?

18. Sticky Math Toss Game

Sticky Toss Game – Kids will love this game from Mess for Less.  She and her kids have all sorts of fun with a simple to make math target game.

19. DIY Playdough

indoor activities for kids - playdough stacked with four colors green, blue, yellow and red with the words, the best playdough recipe you will ever make
Making Playdough at Home is always indoor fun!

How to Make Playdough – Super easy activity to engage the kiddos and give spark their creativity.

20. Host an Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor Snowball Fight – Coffee Cups and Crayons will have the “snow” flying around your living room in no time.  This activity can have a fun learning component too!

games to play with kids indoors - homemade games for kids that you make and then play.  Shown are homemade bowling, and ballon blow
Homemade games are fun to make then play!


21. Host Carnival Games

Cardboard Box Carnival Games – Oh!  I can’t wait to do this fun project from What Do We Do All Day?!  Your recycling bin can be emptied and transformed into a carnival.

22. Catapult Distance Competition

Catapult Competition – Everyone builds in this game and then let the contest begin!

23. DIY Sumo Wrestling Competition

Sumo Wrestling – Get Dad’s shirt out and a set of pillows, this is a BLAST!

24. Let it Snow Game

Fake Snowstorm – This is crazy messy which means it probably is crazy fun!  The Playtivities kids created an indoor snowstorm!

25. Guess the Animal Game

Animal Charades – These printables from Buggy and Buddy will have kids acting like a zoo!  What a fun way to shake out the wiggles.

26. Indoor Rocket Fly

Balloon Rocket – This is such a fun science activity and if you string up the clothes line indoors, it would be easy indoor fun!

27. Pillow Case Sack Races

Pillow Case Races – The Meaningful Mama kids had a ton of fun with their modified gunny sack race!

28. Indoor Hopscotch

Hopscotch – The Happy Hooligans made a indoor hopscotch track.  What I love is that it could be modified for all sorts of jumping and hopping fun.

29. Craft Stick Games for Kids

Grab a Handful of Craft Sticks – A few craft sticks and a kid or two can be the perfect combination for any of these 15+ active ways to play indoors.

30. Lego Table DIY

Lego Table for Kids – A DIY lego table is easy to do and the best part is that you can customize it to your space!

31. Olympic Yoga for Kids

Winter Olympics-inspired Yoga – These fun poses from Kids Yoga Stories will get even the most reluctant yoga participant stretching and holding with enthusiasm.

32. Paper Airplane Competition

Paper Airplane Designs – See who can catch the most air with these simple paper airplane designs.

33. Homemade Racquet Game

Racquet Game – Even if there is no one to play with, this simple activity from Frugal Fun 4 Boys will keep kids bouncing and running in circles to keep playing.

34. Road Building Game

Build a Road – A roll of masking tape is the perfect way to create highways and streets all over your home.  Watch out for traffic!


30+ Indoor Games For Kids To Play Inside - Kids Activities Blog - shown are 15 of the active indoor games for kids at birthday parties, indoor kid party, rainy day and snow days.
What game are you going to choose to play first?

35. Indoor Climbing Game

Climb a Beanstalk – Inspired by the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, 3 Dinosaurs and her kids created a painted beanstalk and then worked on several creative ways for Jack to climb it!

36. Castle Building Game

Build a Castle – This cardboard box was transformed into a dwelling fit for a queen or king.  I love how KC Edventures’s kids created something really special.

37. Milk Jug Toss Game

Milk Jug Toss – Creative Connections for Kids has a upcycling project that will give hours of play.  A pom pom, a string and a milk jug becomes an active toy.

38. Draw a Car

How to Draw a Car – This simple guide shows how to draw cars for even the smallest beginner.

39. Spider Web Toss Game

Avoid the Web – Create a spider web for kids to negotiate just like Hands On As We Grow.

Games to play with Kindergarteners

Kindergarteners have a lot of energy, but they don’t have many places to expend it especially inside. Here are some games that will help get out those wiggles!

40. Games for Kindergarteners that are Hands On

  • Kindergarten Science Game – Let’s play a paper airplane game together.  You build one and I will build one and then we are going to watch what happens when we change the airplane design.
  • Learning to Tell Time through Games – There are a bunch of fun telling time games if your Kindergartener is learning how to read a clock or watch – playful and educational fun for kids.
  • Hands On Memory Challenge – This simple to set up what’s missing game will have Kindergarten age kids in stitches within minutes!  Can you fool them and remove something they won’t remember?
  • Gross Motor Game for Kindergartners – Make and play this simple homemade bowling game with things you can find in your recycling bin. Kids can practice their aim and coordination while bowling inside.
  • Taking Turns Game – One of my favorite games here at Kids Activities Blog is our printable board game for kids that is themed outer space.  Kindergarteners can learn sequencing and taking turns while playing this simple and fun activity.
  • Kindergarten Reading Skills Game – Let’s make sight word games! Grab a big beach ball and add your child’s reading and sight words to it and create one of the easiest learning games that actually work!
  • Seek and Find Games – Our easy hidden pictures printable game will have kids looking for what is beyond the image and find the hidden pictures.
  • Classic Games Kindergarteners Need to Know – If your child hasn’t played tic tac toe yet, we have a really fun way you can make and play your own tic tac toe board for a competitive game that every kids needs to know how to play.
  • Kids Anatomy Game – Learning about anatomy will come naturally to kids this age.  Play our skeleton game to learn the names of the bones.
  • Listening Games for Kids – Remember the telephone game?  We have a slightly updated version that includes creating one of those string and can telephones that can help kids with listening skills.
  • Follow Directions Game – OK, most games will have some level of direction following skill building.  I absolutely love this easy to create following directions game that will have kids listening and then acting carefully!

INDOOR Games for Kids by Age Group

What games can I play with my 5 year old?

Age 5 is the perfect age to play games. 5 year olds are curious, have a longer attention span than younger kids, are developing competitive motivation and are innately curious. Any of the games on this list can be modified for a 5 year old and the Kindergarten level games listed are picked out especially for them!

How do you entertain a 5 year old indoors?

5 year olds can make almost any activity into a game or play! Use any of these listed games as a play prompt for continued activity. What that means is you might get started playing a game, but your Kindergartener gets distracted or wants to explore something beyond the rules of the game…that is good! Right now it is all about learning and exploring and not necessarily just rigidly following game rules.

What games should a 6 year old play?

6 year olds are starting to explore what true game play is all about. They will be more concentrated on rules and fairness and how to beat the game. As kids mature, games can get more complicated and longer. Exploring board games, sports and other ways kids can get involved with competition can foster these skills.

How do I entertain my 10 year old at home?

Starting around the age of 8, many kids will have the desire to participate in the strategy family board games that we all love. 10 year olds often not only have the desire, but the ability to be competitive in family games. Our favorite list of strategy board games for kids has some of the best bets for fun games with simple instructions that the entire family will love to play.

What can an 11 year old do when bored at home?

11 year olds and up are the perfect age for family board games, sports and almost anything you can think up that is competitive. They can play any of the games on our list of games for kids and in many situations, not only set the game up but be the referee as well!

Whew!  All those should be helpful in burning a few calories!

I have set up a Pinterest Board specifically to collect active kid activities and healthy kid food ideas called Healthy Living for Kids. <–Click here to see it!

Please stop by and follow for more fun and games to play…

Games to Play for Kids – More Ideas

What was your kids favorite game? Did we miss something that your kids love to play indoors?

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