Now that the weather is getting warmer and  summer  is not too far away, we want to get those kids outside as long as we can!  When I was little, we used to take all the flashlights outside and play flashlight games until our parents called us in. So when your kids aren’t quite ready for bed yet, and you want to let them have some super fun, try these  flashlight games! flashlight games for kids from the kids activities blog One of my family’s very favorite thing to do is play laser tag.  We go out into the yard  and play team laser tag.  It is the 3 kids against the adults.  At first, the adults consistently won.  Now the kids do. My husband and I are strategizing to take back the laser tag trash-talkin’ rights! You don’t have to have fancy laser tag equipment to make after dark a time of play!  Grab a flashlight or two and play one of these flashlight games instead! {Or, make up your flashlight games.} fabulous flashlight games for kids

Flashlight Games for Kids

Flashlight hide-and-seek – The person who is “it” is the one with the flashlight making it more challenging to find a good hiding place!  A simple tag with the beam of light is considered a “catch”. Flashlight capture the flag – Set some boundaries in your yard or nearby park and use lit flashlights for the flag.  Covering the light is against the rules and when your team sees the light you are guarding moving, you better get moving too! Flashlight freeze – Get silly and work out the wiggles by dancing and moving until the flashlight beam hits which is the signal to freeze!  Those who move in the light are out! Flashlight puppet show – Shadow puppets are always popular and you can set up a light stage with a simple flashlight and a smooth surface. Flashlight follow – This was our cat’s favorite games – to jump at a moving light circle.  I found it worked amazingly well for toddlers too!  Simply have them try to jump into the circle of light while you move it around and watch the giggles. And after all the fun, let the kids “sneak” a flashlight to bed for some covert reading.  It will only be a few minutes until you can retrieve the flashlight and book from the arms of a sleeping child. Here are a few flashlights we like for young kids: (affiliate links)Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Blaze Firefly FlashlightDorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with LanyardToy State Caterpillar Construction Flash Light And Night Light: Bull Dozer –Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bibi Bee Flashlight

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