This printable escape room is the perfect solution to icky cold days and it is literally the easiest way to experience an escape room at home. Escape room games at home are a perfect solution for a chilly afternoon with your family and friends! Playing DIY escape the room puzzles at home is great for kids of all ages from age 5 years old and up.

Large printed images of escape room printables like locks and keys and hints along with cut out printable escape room pieces like a treasure chest - Kids Activities Blog
This Printable Escape Room Puzzle is perfect for kids ages 9 – 13 as well as children at heart of all ages!

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room, escape game or escape kit is a series of puzzles, clues and secret messages that are a little bit like a board game without the board. A team works together to solve a riddle, and escape the room. Generally, an escape room mission is themed, timed and usually has an hour time limit. The series of clues lead to a “way out” to escape the game.

The first time we did an escape room as a family, I was concerned that we would be locked into a small room without an exit, but that was not the case! The countdown clock was more about winning than being locked in.

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Escape Room at Home

Originally you would have to go to an escape room business for the experience in a physical escape rooms environment, but now you can solve all those escape room puzzles in the comfort of your home. It is like having your own escape room in your own home.

Escape room is 45-60 minutes of fun and teamwork
An escape room typically takes up to an hour!

The Best Escape Room for Kids

At home escape rooms are one of our favorite activities. They allow for creative problem solving and team work. We have even thrown a DIY escape room birthday party! In our house, digital escape rooms have helped us pass many days indoors with these virtual escape room adventures.

I think the Harry Potter digital escape room was our all time favorite! We have even done an escape room book which was super fun.

4 children trying to solve a printable escape room on a coffee table looking at the printable escape room pieces
Kids love this escape room! Take the printable fun anywhere!

Printable Escape Room

And then we found the magic of the printable escape room, Houdini’s Secret Room, from EscapeRoomGeeks! Apparently my son had heard about it from a friend, and really wanted to play. His friend wouldn’t talk to him about it, because he didn’t want to spoil the surprise of the puzzle game.

You are locked inside of Houdini’s Secret Room. The door slams shut behind you – BANG! Slowly, the walls start to close in.

Can you escape in time?

With a fun story and beautiful art, my kids were immediately hooked on the printable escape room game. We printed everything out on a card stock and it immediately looked just as good as anything you would buy in a store, but we didn’t have to wait for shipping.

We got to have the fun of an escape room instantly.

Houdinis secret room - escape room for kids 9-13 years old shown with pieces from the printable escape room
Houdini’s Secret Room is great for kids 9-13 years old.

Escape Room Puzzles for Every Age

Since we originally played Houdini’s Secret Room which was the first in a series of escape room puzzles for kids that are now available:

  • Houdini’s Secret Room: This escape room is best for kids 9-13 years old, takes 45-60 minutes to play and is great for 2-5 kids per group.
  • Professor Swen’s Lab: These escape room puzzles are perfect for kids 9-13, takes 45-60 minutes to escape and works for 2-5 kids per group.
  • Wooka Booka Island: These escape puzzles are best for kids 5-8 years old, take 45-60 minutes to complete and work for groups of 2-5 kids.
  • The Gilded Carcanet: This printable escape room puzzle experience works best for kids older than 13 years old and adults. It takes 90-120 minutes to complete the at home escape room and works best for 1-4 players per group.

There is no strict age limit to these creative brain teasers. It’s always fun when kids outsmart the adults and the difficulty level doesn’t correspond with an age.

How to play escape room for kids, and a phonograph
Make the escape room game even better with the secret escape room playlist!

How Does This Printable Escape Room Work?

It is incredibly simple to set up an escape hunt at home with these kids escape room supplies.

1. Gather the Supplies Needed for Escape Room Challenges

This printable escape room was so much easier than some of the other escape rooms we have tried. All we needed to play this escape room at home:

  • color printer – because some puzzles require color
  • paper – we used card stock so everything would be a little more solid

2. Download and Print Escape Room Puzzles, right away!

There is no waiting for a package in the mail! You receive the game as a PDF file and print it out anywhere you please.

If you are a teacher, you can even laminate your copy to reuse with multiple classes!

How to set up the printable escape room: download and print, set up, play anywhere. printer, scissors, glue, pencil, and magic hat shown
This printable escape room was so easy to set up!
My family went from 0-fun in under 30 minutes!

3. Set Up the Printable Escape Room…it is Easy!

To set the escape room up for your kids, all you will need scissors, glue, and a pencil. You can set the entire thing up in less than 30 minutes!

The super easy Game Master’s guide makes it easy for parents or teachers! Just follow the simple instructions and be ready for fun!

Play Escape Puzzles Anywhere

At home, on vacation, in class – this game is great for all sorts of groups!

How Many Players Can Play in Printable Escape Room?

Get a group of 2-6 players together! Each escape room puzzle set has guidelines for how many work best in a group, but you will find that it is a very interactive experience that can be done many different ways.

If you have too many people, you can split everyone into teams and make it a competition. You will only need one copy of the game per group.

Can Parents Play Escape Puzzles, Too?

Absolutely! If parents want to be a part of the escape room fun, too, there is a No Set Up Version that you can play along with!

Houdini’s Secret Room is only $29 for a LIMITED TIME & You can get a deal on Bundles of Multiple Escape Room Sets for 50% discount!

And be sure to stay tuned! We hear that the brilliant minds at Escape Room Geeks are cooking up even more fantastic escape room adventures…

Professor Swens Lab escape room - snowy cartoon image of scary laboratory escape room for kids ages 9-13 years old
Kids can explore Professor Swen’s lab escape room!

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Have you tried an escape room at home? Have you used the easy option of a printable escape room?

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