DIY Quick, Easy & Yummy Donut Hole Cake Pops

DIY Donut Hole Cake Pops! If you have ever made cake pops from scratch, I’m certain you will understand when I say it’s not as easy as it looks.

So today I am showing you an ultimate shortcut on how you and your kids can make cake pops from store bought doughnut holes making this one of the easiest, quickest and yummiest treats.

Doughnut Hole Cake Pops Feature

Normally when you make cake pops, you have to bake a cake, then crumble it up, then mix in icing.

The process is fun for kids, but time consuming for busy parents.

That is why this cake pop hack is so good. Make Cake Pops in literally seconds using donut holes! Brilliant, right?!

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How to Make Quick Cake Pops from Doughnut Holes

To get started, you will need to gather a few things…
what you need

Ingredients Needed

  • doughnut holes
  • cake pop sticks
  • icing
  • sprinkles and a small bowl for the sprinkles

Directions to Make Donut Hole Cake Pops

Let’s start with a quick video tutorial that we put together to make it really easy to see how really easy this cake pop process is!  The step by step instructions for making doughnut hole cake pops is below…

Watch How to Make Cake Pops [Short Video]

Step 1

Pop a doughnut hole onto a Cake Pop stick. It helps to use a little icing on the stick before you insert it into your doughnut hole. To do this, simply dab the stick in a little bit of icing then press it into the doughnut hole.

collage doughnut hole cake pop

Step 2

Spread icing on the doughnut hole! It looks nice (and the current trend on food blogs today would agree) if you leave a little of the cake showing. This new “unfrosted” look is kind of the thing now! Lucky for us busy parents!

Step 3

Pour some sprinkles in a little bowl and then dip the Cake Pop icing into the sprinkles, pressing firmly so they stick!

Cake Pop Image2

Finished Cake Pop Treat

You are now all set! See how easy that was?

These would be so easy to make for a party or fun for a little after school treat!

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Was that the easiest cake pop ever??