Do you need a science fair project idea? We have 50 (and counting) science fair project ideas for kids of all ages that is sure to inspire your next science fair to be the best one ever! We will show you the best way to take an simple experiment, add in the scientific method, add practical applications and make a cool science fair board for a next level worthy of winning project!

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Choose one of these many science fair ideas for the perfect project!

Science Fair Ideas for Kids

This article has 50 of our favorite science fair ideas for kids separated by grade level. If you are just getting started on your science fair plan, jump to these topics:

  1. How to Get Kids Excited about the Science Fair
  2. How to Choose a Science Fair Project
  3. How to Turn an Idea into a Science Fair Project
  4. How to Make a Science Fair Poster
  5. Our Tips for Easy Science Fair Projects
  6. Top 10 Science Fair Project Ideas for Kids

Cool Science Fair Projects by Grade Level


Some kids participate in their first science fair projects in elementary school. It’s never too early to combine creativity with science! Check out how even preschoolers use the scientific method to explore the science of sunscreen with Kids Activities Blog.

Food Science Fair Project Ideas for Grade Schoolers

1. How to Make the Best Egg Drop Design

how to make a cushioned egg drop for science fair - girl shown with bubble wrap and washi tape egg ready for egg drop competition
I bet our egg will not break in this egg drop design!

Start with these egg drop project ideas from a classic science fair experiment using a food ingredient – eggs. Be sure to change a variable. It will take some physics knowledge to make the best design. Then compare results to make the egg drop worthy of a science fair!

2. Make a Lemon Battery

make a lemon battery - 4 lemons with kids and wires on table - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a lemon battery for our science fair project!

Let’s make a lemon battery! Maybe I shouldn’t be amazed that you can turn a lemon into a battery, but I am. I really am.

Compare results with a potato battery. Fruit and veggie batteries make really fun science fair ideas!

3. Extract DNA from a strawberry

test tube with clear liquid and dna strands held by hand
Ooo…let’s learn about DNA!

Get up close and personal with the genetic code of a strawberry via Little Bins for Little Hands.  Even adults are amazed by how DNA can be pulled from this favorite fruit. Your science fair board will explain it all!

4. Dissolving Peeps Experiment  

dissolving peeps science fair experiment idea from Lemon Lime Adventures
So much to learn with this simple science fair idea!

Experiment with dissolving Peeps in different liquids via Lemon Lime Adventures. Then eat the leftovers! Create a science fair project that pulls together a new question or liquid to explore. Your science poster is going to be full of candy fun!

5. Naked Egg in Vinegar Experiment

naked egg experiment for kids
Let’s remove the eggshell without cracking it

What’s a naked egg? It’s an egg without an intact shell! It’s weird. Check out this egg in vinegar experiment. There are so many levels you could take your science fair idea — how long before you could squeeze the egg? What about using different levels of vinegar dilution…oh the science fun!

6. Turn Salt into Glue with this Salt and Ice Experiment

Explore the relationship between ice and salt and the water salt freezing point with this fun experiment. I first became acquainted with this science fair project idea when it was presented at a magic show. So if you want to infuse your science fair board with some magic…imagine the possibilities!

Physics Science Fair Project Ideas for Grades 1-5

7. Magnetic mud is the best magnet science project

Magnetic mud experiment for science fair project - child shown making mud move up beaker side with magnet
Mud moves against gravity with a magnet in this science fair idea!

Magnets are fun! Mud is fun! Without a doubt, combine the two into this magnet experiment with a magnetic mud recipe that uses ferrofluid. This science fair project uses ferrofluid which is something that is easy to explain and always amazes.

8. Erupting dinosaur volcano slime

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Do your kids love slime? If so, you should check out this project via STEAMsational. Be sure to download the free science experiment printable.

9. How high a ball will bounce  

This is perfect for kids who want a simple project using math via Science Fair Extravaganza (unavailable). The science fair board will be really fun to make with all your calculations.

10. Electromagnetic train experiment

Make an Electromagnetic Train - Kids Activities Blog FB
Let’s build an electromagnetic train!

Because kids love trains and this copper wire coil, battery and magnets may react a little differently than you expect. What a fun idea for an electromagnet science fair project!

Life Science Fair Project Ideas for Grade School

11. This bacteria experiment explores germs in food

Learn about germs with a soda bottle and a balloon experiment which makes a great science fair project
Use a soda bottle and a balloon for a Science Fair Project about Germs…

In this germs science fair project, kids will compare bacteria growth and they will drink soda. It’s a win-win, for the kids at least! This simple idea can be a springboard for a bigger science fair project that can look at different ways and rates of bacterial growth.

12. Osmosis

Osmosis science fair idea - two hands both holding an egg.  One with the eggshell intact and the other bloated and red due to osmosis.
This egg experiment is so cool!

This is the “naked egg” experiment that also explores the concept of osmosis via STEAMsational! You might consider combining the two within your science fair project for extra things to explore.

13. Easy animal science project ideas

This is a list of questions to jumpstart a science fair project for animal-loving kids via Science Kids! Genius for those elementary age kids who are animal crazy…I know I was one of those.

14. Plant experiment ideas

Check out these science projects using plants via Project Learning Tree! This link provides projects with different levels of difficulty including versions that would be perfect for grade school ages.

Solar System Science Fair Project Ideas

15. Solar system project ideas from NASA

NASA put together a list of questions to get kids started on their projects!

Middle School Science Project Ideas

Middle schoolers learn about about the human body and cells. They also learn about the environment, electricity, and sound

Earth & Environmental Science Fair Ideas for Middle School

16. Recycling grey water

Rainwater being caught in bucket - Science Fair Projects for Kids
Exploring Recycling Grey Water has endless possibilities for science fairs!

Learn about conservation with this grey water recycling system via World Wildlife Fund for Nature. Try the simple grey water recycling they suggest and then can you think of other ways you could use grey water for your science fair project?

17. Weather project ideas

Use this list of project ideas that test hypotheses about the weather via SciJinks. Weather science fair ideas are always winners because while the weather is always around us, it seems like a mysterious force!

18. Soil erosion experiment

Soil Erosion Science Fair Idea from Life is a Garden
Let’s look at soil erosion in a really cool way!

Experiment with soil erosion and learn about the importance of vegetation via Life is a Garden. This is one of my favorite simple science fair ideas. It is visually so impactful and would make a great science fair poster!

19. Environmental science fair projects

Check out this great list of 30 eco-friendly science fair project ideas via Population Education! So many great ideas…only one science fair.

20. Mentos geyser science project

Isolate and change variables to maximize the geyser explosion via Steve Spangler Science. This is always a fun idea and could be adapted for a great science fair project.

21. Energy from garbage

Kids will enjoy learning about why garbage smells bad via National Energy Education Development. This could be helpful to everyone who stops by your science fair board and learns!

Genetics Science Fair Ideas for Middle School Students

22. Taster versus non-taster experiment

Projects on genetics are popular because kids learn about themselves and their friends. Check out this taster versus non-taster experiment via Bright Hub Education! Is there a way to get your science fair participants involved?

Classifying fingerprints is a good science fair project
Let’s classify fingerprints!

23. Classify fingerprints

Any future forensic scientists out there? In this project via HubPages, kids create a system for classifying fingerprints! Part science project…part detective!

24. Identify T-Rex’s closest living relative  

This is one of the coolest dinosaur related projects via Science Buddies! Kids can search databases to find T-Rex’s closest living relative. It is like a genealogy science fair project.

Physical Science Fair Ideas for Grades 5-8

25. Pinhole camera

As I mentioned above, this is a project like Auggie’s in Wonder via National Geographic Kids! It is one of the classic science fair projects that are always a win if you can adapt them into something new and enlightening.

26. Simple machine project ideas

Check out this list of science projects via Julian Trubin using simple machines. One project even involves roller-coasters!

27. Making sound waves

This project via Scientific American creates a model that demonstrates how eardrums work. How cool is the vibrations on this idea?

28. Magnetism project ideas

Try out this list of science fair project ideas via ThoughtCo that explore magnetism which is always a hit with the science fair circuit.

29. Make a fire extinguisher

Did you know you can make a fire extinguisher from common household supplies? If not, this science fair experiment via Home Science Tools is for you!

30. Biology and chemistry of gas relief

Middle schoolers think gas is hilarious. Right or wrong, here’s a science project via Science Buddies about gas! Makes me think about the gross science we explored at the Grossology exhibit.

31. Beverage coloring and taste

This project via All Science Fair Projects considers the relationship between beverage color and taste! This is a really cool idea that had never occurred to me and would make a great science fair board.

32. Purify water with charcoal

You’re probably already using a charcoal filtration system. Kids can learn how water filtration works by making their own with this science experiment via The Homeschool Scientist.

33. Paper airplane launcher

Paper airplanes are fun for everyone. Check out this experiment via KiwiCo and launch that airplane! It would be fun to try making planes of different sizes, shapes and weights.

How to fold a paper airplane diagram perfect base for science project ideas
Oh so many fun science project ideas from one simple piece of paper…

Related: Check out our paper airplane STEM challenge and building instructions for additional ideas

Life Science Fair Project Ideas for Middle Schoolers

34. Shrinking cells

Experiment with making cells shrink with water.  This science fair idea via Sciencing explores all sorts of cool science ideas and would make a great fair project.

35. Test algae growth

Do you know how algae grows best? Try this experiment via Seattle Post-Intelligencer to find out then take it to the next level for your science fair.

High School Science Fair Ideas

High school science covers a range of subjects from biology to meteorology. Therefore, nothing is off limits when it comes to choosing a science fair project idea!

Genetics Science Fair Ideas for Grades 9-12

36. Cat coat color

Calling all cat people! In this experiment via Science Buddies you will discover the relationship between chromosomes and cat coat coloring. I can see the science fair board right now…

37. Fingerprint detection

This fingerprint detection project via Science Fair Extravaganza (unavailable) is perfect for the high schoolers who love true crimes! This will be one science fair idea that everyone will want to get in on.

Earth Science Science Fair Ideas for High School Students

38. Landscaping project

Discover which plants grow best locally and the impact these plants have on the environment via Bright Hub Education. This combines design with science which can be leveraged for the artistic scientists.

39. Botany science projects

There are so many great plant projects via ThoughtCo! You are going to have a hard time narrowing down what you want to use for the science fair!

40. Grow Crystals

Experiment with growing your own crystals via ThoughtCo. We have had so much fun learning how to make crystals and they would make a really fun science fair project.

Life Science Fair Ideas

41. Grow bacteria

Check out this list of questions to start a project about bacteria via Science Bob. So many ideas that would work great when adapted to a science fair.

42. Biofilm experiment

This is a great microbiology experiment via The Homeschool Scientist and something you are sure to learn from which is always a good foundation for the best science fair ideas.

43. Test for starch in plants 

Hypothesize and learn about starch in photosynthesis via Home Science Tools. Oh what science-y fun (totally a word).

44. 5-Second rule

Test whether food picked up from the floor within 5 seconds collects less germs than food dropped for a longer amount of time in this science experiment via Science News for Students. I do not recommend eating the dropped food, 🙂 but you may prove me wrong in your science fair project!

45. Acidity and Invertebrate Population

Discover how acidity can affect survival rates of a population! This is such an interesting topic for a science fair project via LiveScience.

Physical Science Fair Ideas for Grades 9-12

46. Heart rate monitor

Impress science fair judges by designing and testing your own heart rate monitor in this fair idea via Science Buddies.

47. How to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen

Use electrolysis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Then test the gases and test something else for your science fair idea via Navigating by Joy.

48. Turn milk into plastic

Did you know plastic can be found in milk? This is a fun project via Scientific American using regular household supplies.

49. Addiction science project ideas

Check out this list of project ideas dealing with drug addiction via National Institute on Drug Addiction for Teens. These are science fair ideas that can make a difference.

50. Increase the amount of oil that can be moved through a pump

Use a clear household spray bottle to simulate a crude oil pumping station! How cool is this science fair idea via LiveScience?

Getting Kids Excited about the Science Fair

Have you and your family watched the movie Wonder?

If your kid isn’t excited about the science fair, check out this movie. The main character and his best friend make a winning  pinhole camera for their science fair. This project would be perfect for a middle schooler interested in light. And of course it’s on our list of project ideas!

How to Choose Science Fair Projects

The hardest part of a science fair project can be getting started, so check out these steps!

  1. Think about what is interesting to you. Do you love food? Are you obsessed with cats or dogs? Are you curious about soil? You’ll find a wide range of fun topic ideas for your science fair on this list. 
  2. Pick a topic or project idea from this list.
  3. Brainstorm questions  about the topic. Check out this resource via Science Buddies
  4. Turn your idea into a science fair project. Steve Spangler Science explains that there are three steps for turning an experiment or demonstration into a science fair project. Once you find an idea you like, you must change something about it. Then, create a new experiment. Finally, compare results!
  5. Use the scientific method for kids to make sure you cover all the important parts of your chosen science fair project…
Download and print this scientific method worksheet for kids pdf shown on a background with markers, pencils and paints.
The scientific method makes sure the experiment is consistent and repeatable!

How to turn your Science Idea into Cool Science Fair Projects

Some of the ideas in this post are demonstrations that you can turn into projects.

For example, consider making your own fire extinguisher. We know that baking soda and vinegar deprives fire of oxygen. This is what puts the fire out.

  1. Change the ratio of baking soda to vinegar to create a new experiment and compare results.
  2. Or see what changes you can make to to cause your fire extinguisher to shoot the farthest

Make a Science Fair Poster

The next step is to create a science fair board or poster to present your project. This is an important step because it is the way you communicate your great ideas to those who will be attending the science fair…and judging it!

Tips for Easy Science Fair Projects

  • Don’t overthink this! Start with a simple concept and explore it thoroughly.
  • It is OK to choose a favorite project and add a twist or explore an additional angle.
  • Demonstrate your project with bold images or a demonstration.
  • Show results through a demonstration.
  • Use your other talents. If you are an artist, integrate that. If you are interested in a certain subject, choose a project that shows it!

What are the top 10 science fair projects?

These are the traditional tried and true science projects that show up at every science fair…for a reason!

  1. Lemon or potato battery
  2. Egg drop
  3. Homemade volcano
  4. Mentos & soda
  5. Growing a crystal
  6. Growing a bean
  7. DIY catapult or simple machine
  8. Naked Egg
  9. Salt & ice glue
  10. Magnet science

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More Science Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

If you are looking for more science activities, be sure to  check out 150 Kids Science Activities via Kids Activities Blog.

Comment below to tell us how your science fair project turns out! We would love to hear about it!

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