These DIY play doh toys are amazing! Making play dough toys is fun, easy to make, and make playing with play dough so much fun! These DIY play dough toys are perfect for kids of all ages. Create funny playdough faces. It is a little like your own personal playdough Mr. Potatohead.

DIY play doh toys- green, pink, and blue playdough, with outlets with googly eyes, lips, and noses.
How fun are these play dough toys?

How to Make These Easy DIY Play Dough Toys For Kids

Making these DIY play dough toys are fun and easy. You only need a few supplies, and they’re cheaper supplies, so this is definitely budget friendly. This craft is perfect for toddlers (they may need help), preschoolers, and even bigger kids like elementary school ages like kindergarteners and first graders.

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Making play doh toys is quick and easy and will provide hours of fun afterwards!

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Supplies Needed To Make Fun Playdough Toys

Instructions To Make DIY Play Dough Toys

Video: How to Make DIY Play Doh Toys For Kids

Step 1

Take an outlet cover and hot glue googly eyes on some of the outlet covers. You can draw eyelashes on them if you want too.

Step 2

Grab another outlet cover and draw a nose! Draw a small nose, a big nose, a flat nose, a silly nose. You can use the paint pens for this.

Step 3

Step 3 - DIY play dough toys- a boy painting an outlet purple and blue. With white paper, acrylic paints, and paint pens.
You can paint the base to make the outlets even more colorful.

On the third set of outlet covers draw a mouth with the pens. You can paint them in with the acrylic paints. 


You can paint the outlet covers before you draw the facial features. Make it more colorful!

Our Experience With These DIY Playdough Toys

DIY play dough toys- pink playdough with a green and yellow nose. Blue playdough with purple googly eyes, an orange nose, and red lips.
Make all the silly faces using your homemade playdough toys.

Play dough toys must be several things: durable, versatile, not-a-choking hazard and most importantly – easy to clean!

So many of the kids favorites we don’t *actually* play with as they are a pain to clean up afterwards. What I love about this toy option is that the play dough just falls off once it’s dry. No more scrubbing!!

  • I love it when the kids look at my “plan” for a project or an activity and change it, add to it and create something all new and all their own creation.   We were inspired to create face parts from reading about Allison, of No Time for Flashcard’s, playdough activity day.
  • I had every intention of drawing eyes, noses and even ears onto our covers.   The kids had a better plan. They dug out the remaining googly eyes that we had and the hot glue gun. We glued those to the covers. And instead of human noses, the kids made pig noses. There was much snorting and giggling going on as they created their faces, and wore the “masks”.
  • We made several batches of playdough.
  • Pictured are a number of our batches of play dough.   We use gel food dye to get intense colors – liquid dyes just don’t cut it!
DIY play dough toys- green, yellow, black, and white playdough with 5 googly eyes.
Add all the googly eyes to your playdough!

My only regret is that we did not have more googly eyes.   They were in high demand – you can never have enough eyes!

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How did your DIY playdough toys turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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